Monday, June 1, 2009

Islanders Updates You've already Seen

Oh, but I'll go over them anyway. This is called procrastinating about doing the other things I should be working on. It doesn't help that I'm sneezing my head off and my husband is sick as a dog. Not exactly motivational surroundings here.

1) Draft Party June 26th: Don't forget to get your ticket to the Free Draft Party at the Coliseum to see history in the making. The Islanders website has announced they already have over 5,000 responses. It's going to be a terrific event!

2) NYI Mobile Text Alerts: Can't be at the draft party? Sign up on the Islanders website for the free mobile alerts and know who Garth takes or what he does with the 1st overall pick.

3) Kate Murray Speaks: Tomorrow morning, 11 am at The Theodore Roosevelt Executive and Legislative Building is located at 1550 Franklin Ave, Mineola. If you can attend, I would urge you to do so.

4) Victor Hedman's Show & Tell Time: I can't believe the Islanders didn't ask me to stop by and meet the kid considering I'm such an EXCELLENT judge of young blond men. (ha ha ha ha That's a joke people. Don't harass me for it.)

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