Thursday, June 4, 2009

Welcome to Oz - LighthouseLI Mirror

I learn the most amazing things on Hockey This Morning on XM 204's Home Ice. Yesterday's Denis Potvin segment surprised me. It seems that South Florida and the Panthers (which are up for sale for $240 Million) have their own Mixed-Use development proposal, and it's called "The City of OZ."
Hmmm.... Multi-use sports, entertainment and residential complex. Where have I heard THAT idea before? Oh right. Long Island. Do you know why these proposals are hitting the desks at planning boards? Because they WORK! Because they make sense. Because they are the vision of the future.
The first time I saw a mixed use area based around an arena, I was in Columbus. The brick walkways, restaurants, hotels and condos all within walking distance of the Columbus Blue Jackets made me weep. I was ready to move to Columbus. It was a glimpse of Utopia where a prison used to stand. Why can't we have that? WHY?
Perhaps today when Charles Wang speaks on WFAN 660 today, he can get some vital information across to those who don't know enough about the project, or have been misinformed about it. I hope so. 5:30 pm.
The top three draft prospects were in Tampa and ex-NYI Blog Box member Jon Jordan has a recap of their visit on Hockeybuzz. (and I'm jealous.)
Chris Botta has the most amazing Q&A with John Tavares on his blog from yesterday that has over 300 comments. The Long Island poll says the fans want John Tavares. I want Garth to shock the hockey world and come away with TWO of the top prospects. That would make everyone sit up and take notice.
They now have over 6,000 tickets reserved for the Draft Party at the Coliseum. And I keep getting more depressed that I won't be there. Phooey!

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