Thursday, June 4, 2009

Charles Wang vs. Francesa Tomorrow @ 5:30 pm


Due to the Mets game running over, Charles Wang will NOT be on WFAN today, but will be rescheduled.

Advocate & Educate! Those are the words that stuck with me from yesterday's Long Island council meeting. As Mike Francesca on WFAN 660AM radio has been sadly MISINFORMED and misinforming others, I'm happy to hear that Charles Wang will be his guest tomorrow at 5:30 pm. Perhaps he can drill some information into Mr. Francesca!

Listen live or web stream. But let's make sure the record gets set straight.

And as far as the rest of you out there. It's your job too! ADVOCATE & EDUCATE! The Lighthouse project is not getting enough exposure to Long Island residents. They should know what the project really is about and not the misconceptions they may be hearing!


hockeyfan24 said...

I called into the Fan yesterday to try and tell mike about the missinformation, he kind of shut me down and wouldnt let me get my point accros

TheMetalChick said...

hockeyfan24, thats because he doesnt know wth youd even be talking about- he think there are monorails and trains and its a mall and 60 story buildings etc etc etc and thats all he knows about this. He even thinks that building the project is a huge tax BURDEN instead of a revenue generator for the county! I look forward to hearing Charles set the record straight. :)

Pat said...

Everyone like myself who supports the Lighthouse needs to do everything possible to inform as many people as we can about this project. Just yesterday my daughter who just finished her 2nd year of college at Farmingdale and is taking classes during the summer, asked about a topic she can discuss for 10 minutes in her public speaking class. She knows about the Lighthouse Project so I said this could be a great way to educate 18-20 year olds about the benefits this project will create.

Nick said...

Hey Pat - if you have any questions or your daughter needs to bounce the presentation off anybody.

Netminder 39 said...

Very good idea on Charles' part to clear the air for all of New York to hear. Get him on as soon as he can.