Friday, June 5, 2009

The Tom Suozzi "PEACE" Initiative

Today Kate Murray and Charles Wang will meet again in Mineola for a little sit down session brokered by Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi. There will be fire trucks stationed outside the building. (Just kidding.) Why it has taken this long is beyond any one's comprehension, but as the calendar keeps turning, this needs to move quickly.

Mr. Wang has been exceptionally busy this week. Yesterday he met with NY Governor Patterson. Unlike the Town Supervisor, the Governor was well informed on the project. Perhaps he realizes how important this is and how other states and cities are doing exactly the same types of multi-use developments to increase their economic wellness.

The Mets bumped Mr. Wang off the FAN yesterday and I haven't received word of when it will be rescheduled. Lucky for Francesa.

Penguins make it a series with a brilliant game last night. The hockey faithful will hold on to our sport for as long as we can before we head into that dry spell called "the off season."

More later. I'm hoping.

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