Wednesday, July 8, 2009

John Tavares: Doing it all

If someone can tell me why I have lost my Paste function in Blogger, I'd appreciate it. Is it the upgrade to IE 8? Because this is really starting to piss me off!

Okay, so check out my article on John Tavares on HockeyBuzz because I can't post the freakin' thing here where I want to.

And good night!


TheMetalChick said...

Ive never heard of this pasting problem. Howeverm a way to tackle it would be to try copying and pasting in different ways and from different programs. Try using keyboard shortcuts (like ctrl-c, ctrl-v) and not using keyboard controls (using opposite clicking, using menu options, etc to find cut and then to find paste) Try all of them in dofferent combinations trying to copy/paste from different programs. Make a note of which things work and which things dont. Technically if you can type, you should be able to paste... so it might be that some shortcuts are assigned differently after an upgrade, etc. Sorry I cant think of a more simple answer, but thats the best way I can think of tackling it.

If you still have a problem and cant figure it out even after trying that, you should write to them about it. After all, they want people like you using their site- so I think they will try to work with you and solve the problem.

7th Woman said...

I tried everything. I tried copying from email, from notepad, from word. i tried keyboard shortcuts. It just wouldn't appear. I'm also having problems with my tool bar for blogger not working sometimes too. Like it has freakin' gremlins or it WANTS me to use IT to type. And then the formatting is bogus. GRRRRR... I may take Gordon's advice and go MAC!