Thursday, July 9, 2009

Random Notes from the JT Introduction

Here are some things that ran through my mind yesterday that didn't quite make it into my article on HockeyBuzz. They are more personal musings from the afternoon.

1) Howie looks thin in person. According to Brad Kurtzberg, I only thought that because I'm such an Italian mother that I just don't like skinny men.

2) Jaffe is a great guy. When I told him I missed seeing him on NHL Live he told me he was happy he had a few months off. He spends so much time on the road working. He really needs a rest.

3) I'm still really pissed off about not being able to find the lunch they told me was available.

4) What was with the music behind the video? "NO Way Back From Hell"? Not the best choice of songs guys. Seriously.

5) Jaffe already painted Tavares as not the best golfer when he talked about him on NHL Live when Tavares was here for his visit before the draft.

6) After listening to John Tavares speak in public... I'm really starting to appreciate Jeff Tambellini's personality. Jeff is Robin Williams compared to this kid.

7) Scott Gordon is the best dressed, well groomed man I have ever seen. (For sure there will be a SG tie watch next season.) Especially in contrast to my buddy Garth who was in need of a haircut. (That's actually how I started my conversation with Garth when I got hold of him in the media area. 'What? You couldn't get a haircut for this?' He admitted he should have.)

8) I met Kimber who is the new something or other of PR. He was promoted from Bridgeport and it was certainly the right move by the Islanders. He's bright, articulate and energetic. Although I think he made a bad choice in moving way up North shore when he has to work in Uniondale. He'll learn. He's from CT.

9) Tim Beach has the best radio voice I've ever heard. He's missed his calling.

10) Botta admitted he hasn't worn a suit since March. Seriously, the press corps really doesn't dress well.

11) I couldn't believe Mark Herrmann was sitting with us while there was only two spots off to the side for MSM.

12) John Tavares' father seemed completely unfazed by all this attention, and his lovely sister was just along for the ride. John is definitely his mother's son.

13) The crowd really gave John and his family a warm welcome. It was great to see. I hope this doesn't put too much pressure on the kid. But at least he feels loved.

14) Also feeling the love was Charles Wang who received two rousing rounds of applause.

15) Garth still owes me coffee.

16) And now the Islanders still owe me lunch.

17) I don't know where Stan Fischler was. I was surprised he wasn't there.

All in all, it was a nice few hours chatting with people I haven't seen since the end of the season. The good thing is the off-season seems to be going quicker this year.

Mini camp gets under way the end of this week and they're even releasing the NHL schedule next Wednesday.

Woo hoo!!! We may actually live through the dry spell!


TheMetalChick said...

Hey, I saw you on the video feed! :) I wish that you were asking questions at that time instead of the horrid questions that WERE asked. Actually, my mom would have done a better job and she only knows who the Islanders are because of my clothing lol.

Speaking of clothing, I totally agree with you about Gordon- his clothes are as sharp as a blade! ;) But I think that it is also magnified because, bless him, the Isles previous coach was not exactly GQ material lol.

Travelchic59 said...

Please, please, please STOP rushing my Summer! I LOVE SUMMER! and you want it to end TOO soon! LOL! I love my hockey, but I need a break just like the players do.

P.S. Nice reporting about the presser.

Okposo Island said...

The lunch was out the arena floor and to the right. You know, the room with the guitars and sheet music on the walls. Where there is always an attendant on duty at the podium. The "Backstage Grill" or whatever. It was just hero sandwiches and cookies.

When the team is playoff-caliber, hot food will be the norm.