Saturday, July 11, 2009

Prospect Camp

Okay, I'm here and I even found a parking space.
I only arrived for the second group, which oddly is group one. Tavares is in a lovely shade of powder blue.
I missed the two Giagantor goalies. But Lawson & Poulin aren't that small.

I see UNH player Blake Kessel on the ice and my friend the Wrecker. I should have brought my other camera. But I was losing my mind this morning as usual.

There are STHs here filling the stands and a booth with merchandise. It's a great day to be in the rink.

Facebook buddy, Nikiferov just came by and banged on the glass, he's with Romano and Rogers and deHaan.

And as if by Wizardry, Cizakis took a header into the goal net. I didn't do it. It wasn't my witchcraft. I promise.

Tom Liodice and Jim Baumbach are on the other side of the rink watching Tavares. I'm down here watching DeHaan and Kessel do some really impressive intricate skating with their heads up. Tight turns around small cones, backwards never taking their eye off their man. Very cool.
Dangerous position here against the glass. Marchinko just go hit in the back with a stray puck.

They look so young so many of them. The way Bruno looked when he first started.

I've seen Dibenedetto before. His placard takes up the entire back of his jersey.

You can hear Gordon from every corner of this rink. "Too slow! Too slow ! Speed!"

It's true, John Tavares will s hoot from any angle. Amazing.

"Good work boys! Good work!"

BTW, Lawson likes like Marty Brodeaur. If he can tend goal like Brodeaur, we are golden!

Well, I was just witness to what could have been a season ending injury for the Golden Boy as he tripped over someone's foot and hit the ice. He's okay... got up and skated away. Gotta love the hockey players.

Oh... and another random fact, Tavares is born on September 20th which is a day after Rick DiPietro.

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