Friday, July 10, 2009

When you Forget You're a Blogger

So I’m sitting in a restaurant with six kids and eight adults in Mechanicsburg PA celebrating a second, second place 14U girls softball win when my cell phone rings. I’m even surprised I heard it since the ladies and I were laughing so loud over flirting with the young, handsome waiter named Brian. Dianna was checking him out for her eldest daughter. I was hoping he played hockey so I would have an article in the making. I lost out. He’s a wrestler.

It looked like an elementary school function. The women at one table the men at another and the kids tossing peanuts at each other in a large booth. The very rowdy New Yorkers invaded the local Texas Roadhouse and were making their presence known.

Dinner and the second round of drinks were just about finished when I noticed a number I didn’t know flash on my little Amish phone.

“Hello, Dee? We’re going to go live with the interview in about 2 minutes. Are you ready?”

My eyes grew wide and my mouth dropped. My friends became concerned for a moment thinking maybe I had just received devastating news of someone’s demise. I quickly quelled their fears as it was only my integrity that was about to die a painful, drunken death.

“Oh crap! I forgot about the radio interview!” I jumped up, grabbed my wine glass (because you know I wasn’t going to leave it behind.) and walked over the crushed peanuts and out to the front patio area hoping the reception was clear and so was my speech.

My friend Rob Kowal from NY Hockey Report and currently from 1240 AM SportsTalk announced me. “And now live from Pennsylvania is Dee Karl NY Islanders 7th Woman.” I cringed.

I didn’t tell him I had become so wrapped up in the three day tournament and ten softball games I had to sit through that I forgot all about saying yes to being on the show. I didn’t tell him that I had already taken four Advils, four Jell-O shots and two glasses of wine to kill the pain of the 2nd degree sunburn I had been stupid enough to leave the field with on Saturday afternoon. Nope. I didn’t tell him. I just kept saying in my head “Don’t curse, don’t curse, don’t curse.”

From what I remember, I don’t think I did. But I did enough of that at the table with the “girls.” My friends know me well and have a basic knowledge of hockey. Laura is married to a Ranger fan and knows some things about the Islanders and Patty has been indoctrinated into the fray as I have dragged her to a few games these past two seasons. Dianna only knows what I tell her. Which is good, because then she can’t argue with me.

I laughed when Laura said Islanders coach Scott Gordon is “hot.” Patty chimed in with “Oh, he is. I saw him behind that bench.”

“Garth Snow is very handsome too, Laura.” I said, looking to start to sway the conversation a little. But with that, Diana said “Didn’t you say he was getting heavier?” Yep. Dianna knows only what I tell her. And now I know, she remembers every word.

“Yes, the job is tough on him.” I defended.

There was no talk of first round pick John Tavares. There was no mention of a 40 year old goal tender or of the need for an enforcer this season or whether Bridgeport Sound Tiger Joel Rechlichz could fulfill that role. I saved that all for the less-than-sober radio interview with Rob Kowal.

Here’s the link for the video of his show from his studio where he covers all sports with his co-host. And here is just the audio of the show.


Meg said...

You are my HERO!

~me said...

ok -- now i wished i had gone...but understand...(insert cloud9 smiley here)

but i gotta say welcome back-- one of your best blog ever...

It's back to and...good times...


hope we see you guys sunday!
but you know if i get my way....its beach...but sports usually win...hell-as long as i'm outside...its all all looked great!! think i'm going to make some jello shots...