Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Quick Chat with GM Garth Snow

Yes, I left work for an early lunch to go back to IceWorks. I can't help it. It's like a magnet. I can't escape the gravitational pull.

And look... Tavares still glows! Maybe it isn't my camera! Maybe it is him!

But what I really wanted to do, other than watch the kids, was talk to Garth. I haven't been able to get near him in weeks. So imagine my surprise when he said he'd make time for me.

But there is no getting a moment with this man without everyone needing him for a moment. I never mind letting beat writer Greg Logan do his job.

And then Seth Sylvan, who takes great care in managing WHO gets anywhere near Snow tried to run interferrence. He needs a Bakery number machine. Seriously.
But I managed to get a few minutes alone to talk.
So check my article on HockeyBuzz for the story.

1 comment:

~me said...

awww....I'm not missing much of those old days...but you made me miss being there with you!
One day we will meet ya we did last year and watch the "boys" do doubletakes!

bring the foil!

and I gotta say...grey does Garth good! (thumbs up) getting old isn't SOOOO bad...