Friday, July 17, 2009

Random Thoughts & Fuzzy Photos from IceWorks

1) If there was a bar in the place, it would be heaven.
2) Who knew they had a basketball court on the side of the building.
3) The coffee from the concession wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

4) Hooks? They told me there were no hooks in the dressing rooms. The back dressing room has hooks, although it’s only built for pee-wee players who probably can’t reach them.
5) You can hear the train.

6) Why do the public unisex bathrooms always smell like the subway no matter what time of day you get there?
7) There aren’t enough electrical outlets for the number of media people that show up.

8) Logan rated high enough that PR Director Seth Sylvan located the longest extension cord on the planet for his laptop. The rest of us were SOL.

9) It must be tough to be an IceGirl when there’s a crowd of 400 people waiting on line.

10) The pretty blond at the front desk didn’t know how to spell “HockeyBuzz.”
11) When a cameraman from News12 told me to “Tell your new boss to lay off the Heatly thing…” I had to think twice to figure out who he was talking about. Holy crap… Eklund is my Boss!

12) I am vertically challenged and standing on a chair brought me only to about the same height as the Wrecker.

13) Men who have covered this sport for years don’t dress properly in summer to come to the rink. Dumb-asses.

14) Eric Cairns looks younger now than he did 8 years ago.

15) Bryan Trottier does not.

16) Ken Morrow hasn’t changed a bit in 10 years.

17) Garth Snow has.

18) Every sweaty hockey player apologizes for ‘stinking’ before I talk to him. They don’t realize that I don’t mind, but at least it proves they were raised right.

19) Real Men can wear pink, see Tom Liodice.

20) Everyone has a better phone than I do. (Seriously, Sparky probably has a better phone than I do.)

21) Speaking of Sparky -- One day Sparky is going to just beat the crap out of a fan in a Ranger jersey and it won’t be staged.

22) The photos on the walls of Jason Blake make me sad. The ones of Comrie make Tommy sick.

22) You think they could finish the upstairs area so it wouldn’t look so -- unfinished.

23) You no longer need a code to get on their WiFi. (Bonus!)

24) I have to remember to bring my skates next time to get sharpened.

25) PointBlank admin came sporting some ESPN swag -- nice jacket CB.

26) I’ve almost been run over in the parking lot three times -- twice by management -- I think they were aiming. Once by another reporter. Hmmm...

27) I should have recorded the sound of the skates on the ice since it’s going to be a long long long time before I hear it again unless I go skating myself.

Dee Karl -- Puck Junkie -- I hate July and August!

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