Friday, July 31, 2009

Shooting Blanks

When there was NO news coming out of Islanders Country, Chris Botta would generate it or even BECOME the news. So he has done so this week.

With the often elluded to possible demise of Islanders Point Blank, Chris Botta has sent the Islanders fan base into a collective state of mourning. As he stated in his most recent entry, the organization did make him an offer to continue. It just isn't an offer he can live with. Everyone needs to do what is best for themselves and their family. The problem is, the fan base always considered themselves part of HIS family.

In May of 2008, when Chris Botta first left the NY Islanders, like so many of the writers in the blogosphere, I offered up my feelings ( Mr. Botta's e-mail response was "Thank you, Mrs. Karl. My mother will be proud."

His mother is not the only one who is proud of him. As fans, he gave us an unprecendented insider's view. As a mentor, he gave many of us opportunities we would have never had. As an author, he gave us knowledge and laughter. None of these gifts can ever truly be repaid.

While our exchanges since his 2008 departure from the Isles consisted of merely cordial plesantries of "Hello, how are you?," I read every word he wrote, every day, probably three times a day. If he checks his stats, I'm certain my IP address comes up more often than I'd like to admit. But hey... as I said, when there wasn't news, he created it or became it and as so many devotees, I craved it.

I wish him well, whatever the future brings. Talent and work ethic such as his are hard to come by. But I've been saying that since the first day I met him. He is a unique personality -- truly one of a kind. (Which I think is a lot better then when he called me "a piece of work." But that's just a guess.)

Stay in Hockey Chris, the NHL needs you!


Travelchic59 said...

I hope the NHL can find a place for CB. I truly can't believe IPB will be lost to us. UGH!!!!

Like you, I check his site multiple times a day for updates and besides your writings, his are the only ones I TRUST!

Gotta love the Islanders - 1 step forward and 2 steps back. It feels like nothing ever changes with this franchise :(

They are cutting their nose to spite their face. Cost cutting my a**. I can mention numerous things they can cut that would save them $.

Anonymous said...

Why would NYI cut off the main voice, the one pushing the Lighthouse and keeping every fan informed ALL year long? I never check NYI site,but hit PB at least 10 times a day and find something there every time! This is bush league and just the image the Isles were trying to get away from. We have to fight for Chris and our information lifeline!!!!