Friday, July 31, 2009

The Commish comes to Uniondale

"That hockey guy" as one town official had called him previously, will be in attendance on Tuesday, August 4th at the Town of Hempstead Public comments meeting for the LighthouseLI project at 9:30 am.

As you know, Garty Bettman has been extremely supportive of the Islanders and this project. He has thrown his support behind owner Charles Wang and everything he has tried to do for his franchise. He is continuing that support by taking time to attend and possibly speak at the meeting. I believe he will be there early in the proceedings.

Let's show the commissioner that the NY Islanders are a franchise that deserves to stay just where they are -- here on Long Island.

As you may or may not know, details for Tuesday and beyond for the Lighthouse project are forever evolving, so always be sure to check their official website as well as the Light Post at

I know some people who are very concerned and involved in this project may feel that they have the answers, but so much goes on behind the scenes when there are so many prominent people involved that it is hard to get official information filtered out to the public. That's why I would suggest that you use for all FINAL and correct information.

So... will we see YOU at the Lighthouse on Tuesday? I hope so.

And no... I have no information on contracts for anyone yet. It seems that SOME ONE in the PR department doesn't answer his phone. boo hiss... but I'll see what I can do after 11 pm.

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