Sunday, August 2, 2009

Garden City: Under & Over Estimation

Due to the considerable lack of Islanders related information coming out of anywhere now that it's August, I decided to go with the flow of finding out details about how Garden City feels about Tuesday's Public Hearing process. This link has been posted in various places and as I was trying to dissect it, I took a look at something.

The first thing I noticed is the serious UNDER estimate of "100s" will show for the Public Hearing. HA HA HA HA. Remember the turn out at the Marriott when they had to keep opening up the room to accommodate more people? Exactly.

Also, it says they need to back off the "traffic" argument because that may be a rally cry for mass transit (and we all know how GC feels about mass transit! It's a pox on the community for sure. oy!). Well, their new argument is that the traffic studies, almost 200 of them, didn't take into account "Meadow Street."

WTF? So I looked on the map of Garden City and found out that Meadow street is about 1.6 miles away from the Lighthouse. Okay, that's sort of close, but the thing is Meadow street runs east and west (sort of). It dead-end's in a residential neighborhood after it passes Clinton. So basically, Garden City's bone of contention is no traffic study on four blocks of Meadow Street? See, to GET to Meadow Street you'd have to take Franklin and get on Main Street. Then it's four blocks to Clinton, where you'd head North to Stewart Avenue.

They have in that article that some of the streets were reviewed in 2003, so... Do them again! Again... WTF?

Also being contended is the 500,000 square feet of retail space that will take busy away from downtown Garden City. I'm sorry, when the hell does that argument fly on Long Island? How many Lowe's centers do we have within blocks of Home Depot? How many new Walgreen's are there within FEET of CVS and Eckerts? Seriously? NOW you want to complain about business being lost? Shouldn't we have thought of that as a business community before we started the "Competition is healthy, it will drive down prices!" battle cry?

The project will have it's own housing development. The residents NEED facilities of their own. THAT'S the whole idea of future developments. They should be self contained so they don't have to rely on cars all the time.

Okay, the time is winding down. If you are in favor of this project, you should make your voice heard on August 4th. Come to the Rally before work at 8 am just to dow the March to the Meeting. If you have to leave to get to work, try to leave after the impact of support has been felt.

I am assuming this will be going all day. Try to show up on your lunch hour. Even if there is no room in the venue, having people standing outside TRYING to get in will certainly send a message to the media. The support needs to be great. And it will be greatly appreciated.


Loudville330 said...

I totally agree. Living in Garden City myself, I am for the Lighthouse 100%. I actually am considered Meadow Street for my address. Garden City is being totally absurd. We need to have a big showing to overpower these Garden City people who claim that this is bad for the county.

martymoose42 said...

Spread the word support the cause...