Sunday, August 16, 2009

Saturday @ the Team Store 8-15-09

Story on, look for the Isles logo on the main page. But here are some of the photos I took on Saturday. I'm outside on my REALLY old computer, so forgive me if this starts to look like crap. I don't even think it has enough memory to upload the photos.

New arrivals

It wasn't 10 am yet, and the crowd had started to gather.

Josh arrived right on time looking cool as usual. The one thing I DID notice about him though, considering it's, you know... SUMMER, no tan.

Katie Strang of Newsday refused to let me take her picture, but I will say that even at that early hour on Saturday she was looking perfect and sparkling!

So here is the crowd that was gathering at the Hicksville team store waiting patiently to get inside.

And here were the fans waiting for tickets.

While Joel and Justin waited to sign autographs for them.

And here's something I didn't put in the article. So these guys from ESPN AM 1050 radio were outside the store with their give-aways, which were very nice.
They wanted me to play Islanders trivia for a prize. I told them I didn't think so. Besides the fact that I'd lose, I told them I was there as a blogger that day and not my fan self.
One of them said, "Oh! You're one of their bloggers?"
"Yes. I'm from the Blog Box." and I smiled.
"Then maybe YOU can tell me something."
"Maybe I can. Why? What would you like to know?" I thought I was finally going to make myself useful.
"When are they moving to Kansas City?" he asked me. I just glared at him.
I had a few things run through my mind as a response and chose none of them. They ran the gamut of "Typical Ranger fan" to "Do you work for Mike Francesa?"
The only words that I could muster were, "Not this year." And I left with Gravel and Alex from NYIC to go look at his demolition derby Islanders wreck.
I'll have that story during the week. If I ever get my computer back!!!!

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