Thursday, August 27, 2009

Suitcase made a "C"ase for Weight

*Thanks to MMinge from NYIC for the shot of Doug Weight
A few weeks ago, I was brave enough to ask Garth Snow if he had given any thought to who would wear the "C" next season. He had no real answer for me. That was understandable, considering he is the one who surprised Bill Guerin at his introduction press conference with the "C"on his new Islanders jersey as media and guests looked on. Guerin was truly surprised. So was everyone else.

As we head into the 2009- 2010 season, a new Captain needs to be named. There are some valid candidates for the honor. However, after hearing Mike Sillinger talk about his buddy Doug Weight's excitement over this coming season, in my mind there really can be no question as to who the rightful candidate is.

Dear Garth: The only logical Captain for the Islanders this season is Doug Weight. Seriously. An ex All-Star, a Stanley Cup Winner, an ex-Olympian for the US, a proven leader in the locker room and a guy who came to be rejuvenated by Scott Gordon's high energy system when others were getting lost. WHAT ELSE DO YOU WANT FROM HIM?

After looking over all of Dougie's career accomplishments, I can't think of a better candidate for Captain for this rebuilding team. Sure, Witt is a proven veteran presence, but maybe not the leadership personality that would be best to train our young stars.

Richard Park is also an admirable hockey player. But when you compare accomplishments, there is no comparison.

John Tavares may have been the first overall draft pick, but PLEASE! Don't put undue pressure on a young hockey player in his first year as a pro.

Sure, I'm probably stating the obvious, but hearing the smile in Mike Sillinger's voice yesterday afternoon talking about his conversation with Doug Weight, it just seemed so perfect. Weight is looking forward to playing with John Tavares in his first NHL season. He's looking forward to watching Josh Bailey and Kyle Okposo spend another season honing their skills. He's happy to be here on the Island. Thinking of the fun Weight will be having this season, Sillinger was jealous.

Last August, Doug Weight was the first "real" interview I ever did as a blogger. (Meaning I actually opened my mouth and spoke!) It wasn't even my idea. It was BD Gallof's idea. He basically had to drag me into the locker room that night. I thought I was going to puke on my shoes. Especially since I had my info wrong when I asked him my question about his time on Team USA.

But Doug was professional and engaging as he gave two Islanders bloggers five minutes and 30 seconds of honest answers and wide smiles. Check BD's YouTube video. Looking back to just last August, it's priceless. (Newsday's Katie Strang is in the background for a moment and Inside Hockey's Brad Kurtzburg asked a few questions as well.)

No, the NY Islanders next Captain should be Doug Weight. And if Garth Snow doesn't agree with me... I'll expect an explanation in painful detail!


25yearfan said...

A little shoe puke never hurt anyone (I can totally picture your face at the moment of stomach upheaval though)!

Anonymous said...

Trent Hunter should wear the C

TheMetalChick said...

I love Doug. If he was just a few years younger I wouldnt even question it... right now, I just dont know.

Anonymous said...

I've been saying Weight should wear the C since the spring. It's going to happen. Thumbs up.