Friday, August 28, 2009


*And if you don't know what Twitter is, you will not find this entry appealing.

I've come to the conclusion that die hard hockey fans are passionate nuts. I've come to the bigger conclusion that die hard hockey WOMEN actually surpass them.

Yes, it was the first LINHLTweetUp & hockey game. Deck hockey that is because the Diva of Tweetups @dani3boyz couldn't find an ice rink. And it wasn't for lack of trying. So the park was the place to meet and see what the boys could do.

We have been Tweeting about it for days and everyone was excited to get together. It would have been nice if the weather cooperated.

I arrived late as usual (it's just me. I can't get out of my own way.) and as soon as I pulled up, the sky opened up once again. I parked the car and called @Katrina_Doell to see where everyone was stationed. She ran out to the lot to get me. (awweee... I'm playing cell phone Marco Polo with Katrina. Missing @hockey_chick while she visits her sick Mom.)

"You cut your hair!! I love it!" She screamed as she found me. It was good that she saw that, because within five seconds I looked like I had taken a swim.

I found @TavaresCountry sitting on the wet ground with his goalie gear putting on his skates. I thought it wasn't a good idea since it would be slippery as hell in the rain. He agreed and went back to his sneakers.

@Islesblogger and @NYIsles10 were taking shots on a pint size goalie at the opposite end. Very few were going in.
@SpeakoftheDevs was easy to spot in his bright red Devils jersey.

And standing tall in his Vancouver T-shirt, shorts and the brightest blue sneakers I have ever seen was @Mozy19 with that very famous avatar smile of his.

"I love the rain. Let's play!" and off he went. Boys will be boys, and hockey boys won't stop for a little wet stuff. They also won't stop playing in a something that looked like a wading pool.

And where was @dani3boyz, @isleschick, @Katrina_Doell, @Antheia and myself while all of this was going on? Huddled under umbrellas and blankets by the fence. The harder it rained, the more resolve we had to wait out the boys. With mascara running and jeans soaked to the knees, we stayed.

We are hockey fans.

We are crazy.
But we are fun.

Thanks for the two hours of laughs and hockey talk in late August. Twitter has brought more hockey fans together face to face as well as just on the net. Hopefully we'll all stay friendly come hockey season when our respective teams are playing each other.


Stevens8204 said...

Two thumbs up....I have to get in on one of these when I come back home.

kristin said...

it looks like you're playing on a pond!

nice turnout and great pictures!

Mozy said...

It was so awesome to meet you, as well as the other awesome Islanders fans. It's amazing how real hockey fans can get together regardless of who they support because of a love for the sport.

Thanks for making the time to come out even though the weather was terrible and anytime you're ever in Vancouver, you know how to get a hold of me :)

Meg said...

You guys all look so great!!!! Is Mozy that freakin' tall, or is everyone else that short? What a great time. Thanks for sharing!

islesblogger said...

I had a great time despite the weather. I have to admit though, running around and then going to play ice hockey wasn't the easiest thing to do!

Great pics Dee!

Matt Reitz said...

I was wondering the same thing Meg! I'm convinced that either he was standing on a couple of phone books, or everyone else was standing in a hole!

It's stuff like this that makes me want to come back to New York and actually leave Manhattan. My God, am I actually considering a trip to Nassau??? LOL

And I think this is gives new meaning to the term "Pond Hockey!"

Doug Davidson said...

That was an absolute blast. Thanks for posting pics of me that you can't really tell who that fatso is, Dee! LOL @Mozy19 is really that tall. @SpeakoftheDevs, @Islesblogger and myself @NYIsles10 are no small guys (we range from like 5'10" to 6'1")

It was so much fun. I can't wait for the next one. Thanks definitely need to go out to @dani3boyz and the 2 boyz that had a chance to come. It was really nice to get a chance to meet everyone!

~me said...



hockey chick vs Islander queen

AHHHHH....i like it....

missed you...but thanks for coming by (even if we were "toast" it was well deserved and needed -the wine went down so easy) and for the veggies - i made a GREAT salsa...and moms doing SO good-- and had a wonderful time in sacramento and san fran with the love of my family ALL love him...(but who wouldn't) I'll send some pictures or better them on hockey buzz...

just a couple...but will send you the "private" ones..and well DO you have YOUR passport YET??


"That time" is going to be here before you know it!
love u girl...

and next one....tweet up-- WERE IN....if were not on the road..ok so I'm getting good with disclaimers...