Wednesday, September 23, 2009

And We're Back!

Okay, I told them not to let them score while I was getting coffee, and what happens, now its 3 - 2. Bogus.

Okay. I'm packing up because too much to put away.

And a Dina the Arena Hostess sighting for the lucky puck chuck. Loved this at the Sound Tigers stadium. It's a lot easier there, but it's a good cause synchronized puck sweeping by the new Ice Girls squad

15:49 and the Devils make it 1 - 0. It's still early guys. Don't let it get in your head.

Okay beginning of the second, and already... an Islander is in the box. #17 Jeremy Reich (who? yeah.) SOG 6 Isles - 11 Devs and now Yann DAnis is in goal where i can see him.

And I was late as usual. I didn't get any shots of Tavares during the warm ups as he was just leaving the ice when I got here.

So fare we're only at 12:22 of the first and we've had ... what? Four fights? Most notably one with Mark Streit? Someone please tell Mr Streit he's not supposed to fight. He's too important.

Well, now we've got three in the sin-bin, Martin, Haley and Streit. It's rediculous. This is the NJ Devils. They are supposed to bore us to death, not goon it up. What gives? Is everyone auditioning for the enforcer role?

Speaking of enforcer, I saw Joel Wrecker Rechlichz on the concourse with Eric Cairns. He's got about six stitches in that eye and it's jet black and swollen shut. But that didn't diminish his winning smile.

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