Monday, September 28, 2009

NHL Live Returns Today!

YEAH!!! You can't see it, but I'm doing the Happy Dance!

Oh how I LOVE my noon-2 pm dose of NHL news and silliness on NHL Live. I don't go to lunch anymore during the season, just so I don't miss it. I eat at my desk and web stream the entire show. If I miss any of it, I'll go back the next day to the replay.

Yeah... I'm hooked. So... Good Bye Leafs Lunch (for now), Hello NHL LIVE!

Yesterday at practice, I asked what the feeling about Tuesday's NJ Devils rematch was, quotes on my entry here. But it seems like everyone was on the same page.

To all those observing the fast today, "May you be Written in the Book of Life."

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Bryan said...

I hate to admit it... but NHL Live isn't that much fun if there are different hosts each day. I miss Don & EJ every day with a little Jaffe mixed in.