Sunday, October 18, 2009

Everyone Wants the Islanders -- Except...

Front page news Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy would take the NY Islanders in a heartbeat. Not a surprise.

There are so many suitors for the Islanders, except the one that matters most Kate Murray. Suffolk border may work, but it would be square one. So would any other property suggestion. Neither Brooklyn nor Queens development plans include an actual NHL arena. How much more money would have to be spent in environmental research and redesign plans?

How much would the Islanders have to pay the Rangers to move closer into their territory? How many fans would not be able to get to games during the week or on weekends whether they are in Brooklyn or Idaho?

The only truth that I can see is that the Lighthouse Project is a perfect platform for politicians to bring themselves to light. I had no idea who Brooklyn Borough President Marty Mark was a few months ago. Now I have heard him on Toronto radio and read about him in every local paper. Same thing with a rep from Queens and the group from Kansas. Anyone else want to get on the Lighthouse publicity gravy train?

Charles Wang said he would entertain all options. That leaves the door open for lots of "entertainment" in the news.

Personally, the only article I would like to see on Newsday's front page is "Town of Hempstead Approves Rezoning Proposal." Thanks.



1) can't answer the cost of environmental studies but from what we've heard/read the Isles wouldn't have to pay the Rangers a cent for moving 'closer' to them.
2) They paid their one time fee to move into the sphere of influence so thats done. We can't see the Isles leaving the NY area for many reasons but the one seldom stated is the TV deal!

7th Woman said...

Nope. They would have to pay again. The one time fee was for nassau & suffolk only. NOT the NY area. So, I don't think they want to give Dolan even MORE freakin' money!

Anonymous said...

Marty Mark(owitz) is the world's coolest politician - pay attention to him for a minute an you see Brooklyn's number one cheerleader, single minded determination and a politiian who could never be a politician anywhere but in BK.

Murray best watch out - If Marty goes on the hunt for the Islanders...LI is in trouble.

PS - I am a die hard Isles fan - I go to more games from Brooklyn then most fans I know that live ten minutes away. I will see them play where ever they go..