Saturday, January 30, 2010

Day Game in Philly!

eft, and the Isles are still trying to get that tying goal. Nice chances by Baily and streit, but it's not happening.

I was warned that as soon as the final buzzer sounds, I have to run to the elevator. So just like at home, I have to pack up.

This was fun. Glad to meet Eklund and Eric from HockeyBuzz and @sbaicker. Looking foward to a fun filled evening here in the city of brotherly love and really good food!

Later all!

3:22 L6:50 left of the third and the shots are 30 - 28 in favor of the flyers and the score is STILL 2 - 1. The Isles need to get one quick goal to head this to a possible win. The chants have started to cheer the Flyers on to get that insurance goal will make it 3 - 1.

Doug Weight takes a bad timed penalty with only 5:47 left. That's not the way to tie this game up, now is it Doug?

Start of 3rd: In 38 seconds the Isles take a penalty as Freddy Meyer is called for boarding on @Dan Carcillo. It couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Flyers on a power play and nothing. With 4 seconds left of the penalty, bergenheim skated up the ice with the puck and shot at Emery. He tossed it back to him.

Okay, can someone please tell me why we called up an enforcer and the only one getting into it with anyone is Sean Bergenheim???

Intermission: So nice to meet sbaicker (Sarah Baicker)from Comcast SportsNet. Love being able to meet people in this business. Everyone is so energetic and amazing. Especially the women... ahem... ahem...With a little more than two minutes to go in the second, there are numerous penalties all around. But... nothing bad happens. For me that is.

Okay, about to try to see who I can meet up here.

4:55: Josh Bailey cuts the Flyer lead in half as he scores his 13th goal of the season from Okposo and Schremp. Crowd is not happy now. I'm pretty happy. But then again, the girls in the car on the drive over said the score would be 4 - 1.

You know what else is really cool? They repeat the scoring and penalty information over a loud speaker up here so we don't have to guess. That's big.

And we didn't even get lost. GPS is a wonderful thing.

Well, we almost got lost at the restaurant that we had Blond Lobster pizza.

The first period garnered the Flyers 2 goals from Brieiere and Harnell. They garnered me a chat with Eklund himself.

It was tough to see Bergenheim in the box that created that PP goal.

Trevor Gillies did play the first period, but I didn't even notice. Sheet says he had 4 shifts and 1:48 of ice time. I must have blinked.

Um... there's a bird in the building... Like a regular bird.
And... I didn't bring my mouse with me so I can't move the photos around.

Also, Sean Bergenehim got into a little shoving match with Pronger. I don't know why he would when he knows his nose is already a mess.

Pronger in the box for slashing at 9:19 put the Isles on a power play while the SOG are now 17 - 16 in the flyers favor. But once again, they can't find their power on the power play. Andy Sutton did make a save for Roloson right on his doorstep.

And Wendy would like me to say "Hey! Their ice girls wear clothes!"

Not only can't Park BUY a goal, but now he's in the box and will probably cost them one as the Isles now have a penalty. Ughhh... Can we catch a break?

No sooner did I say that, than the flyers scored on Roloson and Rolsi lost it on the ref and macdonald and Hartnell start trading punches. Roloson looked like he was gong to take it out on the lines man, banged his stick around and skated away trying to cool off.

Oh boy, this is going to get ugly. We may very well see Marty Biron very soon. And it might be a good idea as the crowd starts to chant. However, there is no goal on the play so the score is back at 2 - 0 and Roloson can relax a little. He was interferred with by Hartnell, who will now take a penalty.

Okay boys time to get it together.

Are they singing the Rangers Suck here in Philly? Oh, I'm liking this town more.

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Dominik said...

Bummer of a game, but ... well, have a great night on the town, anyway.