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Isles vs. Devils Redux! 1-23-10

tonight the blog will run with new stuff towards the bottom... 'Cause i like the photo here. ;0)

This was from Big Angry Man. So... not my fault if it all falls apart tonight

The puck drop is delayed as they have to squeegee the ice by the Zamboni entrance. I'm wondering if one of the kids singing the national anthem had some sort of accident.

Ricky will get his net crashed tonight for sure. The Devils do not want to lose AGAIN to the Islanders.

7:26 pm: So the Devil's Capt makes it 1 - 0 Devils and now they have to keep it away from Zach Parise. So far, Rick has made some great saves, but none better than the sliding save by Kyle Okposo.

Isles get a PP on a Slashing penalty on Zajac which really wasn't a penalty as he swatted at Streits stick which had broken a second prior. oh well. They've screwed up calls before. This one goes in the Isles favor.


Still Devils 1 to Isles 0. Great game so far by Jack Hillen and Kyle Okposo. One shot off the post by Trent Hunter and one excellent chance by Jon Sim, but none have gone passed Marty.

@RobCarlinMSG talking to Okposoo during the intermission just said they didn't come ready to play tonight and they have to be better. HE is having one hell of a game. But then Kyle does everything right. he wants them to be better than this. I'm thinking that Kyle Okposo is the next Captain of the NY Islanders!

2nd period:

with only 3:44 left of the second, the Devils have not had a shot on goal. The Isles are up 2 - 1 as they tallied two goals during a five minute major penalty to White for boarding Sean Bergenheim who left the ice with a trail of blood following him. Jack Hillen was credited with a goal that Salvador actually scored on Marty Brodeur, but he'll take it. But it was Kyle Okposo that tied the score at one earlier.

For the second time, the team with the major didn't put someone in the penalty box to serve it. The Islanders gained an extra 50 seconds on the five minute major. That is like lightning striking twice in the same place!

Interesting that even a Devils fan said that he hoped White was suspended for the boarding hit on Bergenheim.

With less than 30 seconds left, the Devils score on a power play to make it even at two. Karma played a great role in this as the puck actually went off Freddy Meyer's stick and passed Ricky. Hockey Gods evening things out.

The Devils had only one shot on goal in the period. This will leave the third period to decide the game. Wow. Who would have thought an Islanders vs. Devils game would be this tense?

3rd Period: Sean Bergenheim returns to the bench with a full, clear shield on his helmet and what looks like a busted nose. I'm hoping that the Islanders can win this just for that hit on him alone.

During the intermission report, Rob Carlin spoke with Scott Allen. I'm not sure, but I think he had on a red tie. I will have to talk to him about that. No wearing the oppositions colors on game nights

Now, while hanging out on Twitter, @BattleOfNewYork said he took 15 minutes to write this post it almost made me cry. Mostly because he managed to write a full blog entry in 15 minutes and it takes me two damn hours. And on the other hand, he said some wonderful things about my club. Thanks!

Interesting that midway through the third, Jack Hillen has blocked 9 Devils' shots. He is so impressive lately. Also impressive is the save that DiPietro made as there was a log jam in his crease. Bruno Gervais took exception to anyone getting too close to DiPietro and knocked a Devil to the ice. "Here, take a seat."

The good thing was he stood up for his goaltender. The BETTER thing? He didn't take a penalty for it

6:40 left of the third and Salvador gets a puck passed Rick DiPietro right off the face off. DiPietro had so many men in front of him that he couldn't possibly have seen it. He was exceptionally angry with it. And I can't blame him one bit.

With less than 5 minutes left, the SOG in the 3rd period are 11 - 1 in the Devils favor. It is obvious that the Devils had a little "talk" after the second.

With one minute left of the third, Scott Gordon opts to pull DiPietro leaving an empty net. That is never a good idea when you are playing the Devils. It took them only a few seconds to double the score to 4 - 2.

I will not give DiPietro a failing grade for this game. He played very, very well, if indeed that was the only question. So Rick doesn't get the win, and the Isles don't get the two points or their 7th home win. But again, I am not totally unhappy with this game. However, I'm sure they are.

Brodeur thinks this was the biggest win of the season, according to his interview with Stan Fischler. That is interesting. I know he wanted to get the last one (and the one prior) back as he was chased from his net in the Coliseum.

On a personal note: I hope Big Angry Man feels pretty foolish for creating that photo of the fortune cookie.

Oh well! You can't win them all. That's why it's a game.

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