Sunday, January 31, 2010

Panthers 2 Isles Zippo

Another day game loss. This time in Florida. I'd say it's a trend. Post game at HockeyBuzz.

Hockey Weekend Across America Tribute:
Celebrating Local Hockey Heroes Day

Well, I wore my jersey to work on Friday. I dragged my friends to the rink in Philly on Saturday. Today is Celebrate Local Hockey Heroes Day for Hockey Across America weekend.

While I do not really know of any local hockey heroes, I would like to pay tribute today to someone who was responsible for giving Hockey on of it’s most recognizable monuments.

Jack Ronald Carlson passed away this week at the age of 82. While you may not know his name, if you are a hockey fan, you are familiar with his sons, the Carlson brothers from Slap Shot fame.

Jack Carlson never played hockey, but he was instrumental in his son’s careers. When Steve Carlson was born, there were five children under the age of five in the Carlson household. Jack didn’t have time to skate or play hockey, but he found the time to build a hockey rink and make his own Zamboni so his sons could play in the -22 degree Minnesota winter days. So cold were those Minnesota winters that the Carlson boys could put their skates on at home and skate up the block to the rink.

“He was a tough man.“ who had four sons playing hockey. Four AMERICAN sons playing hockey when the league was mostly Canadian. Brother Mike Carlson went on to play basketball, but Steve, Jeff and Jack all dreamt of making a living playing hockey. While they are very proud of the movie that is a staple of every hockey fan’s collection, Steve is most proud of playing with his brothers in the WHA.

When the three brothers went to the Minnesota Fighting Saints tryout, they scored 36 goals on 54 shifts. All that skating on that outdoor rink paid off.

I asked him what was the best advice his father ever gave him and he said “In high school, my senior year, I would get two or three goals and I would always look to pass it off because I didn’t want to be a selfish player. He told me ’These guys you’re playing with aren’t going anywhere, think of yourself. Be what you can be, don’t wait for anybody. Go. Play for yourself.”

While that may seem like a non-hockey, team sport, mantra it is actually the way most parents build self confidence in their children so they can fulfill their dreams. It worked.

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