Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thank You Fred

Well, we went to Market Street for dinner, but the she-she restaurant we wanted to go to had an hour and a half wait. Guess the snow wasn't keeping everyone away from the Saturday date night.

I was a little dissapointed since it was named after the Cheap Trick album, Live At Budakon. But out into the snow we went ... for 20 feet and ended up in a little tavern with fabulous grilled veggie sandwhichs. Too bad they weren't too sure how to cook chicken as one grilled chicken sandwhich was a little on the "pink" side.

I'm pretty certain the Pinot Grigio nullified any bacteria it might have had.

So back out to the Streets Of Philadelphia we went... for two feet. A cab was waiting and took us back to the Holiday Inn. Oh, that's when we found out the Hotel's restaurant wasn't going to open at all. All we wanted was an Irish Coffee (or three, one for each of us that is.)

Cab? No. Hotel shuttle back to the place we had that fabulous lobster pizza for lunch. "No problem" he said when we asked how we would get back. "Just call." he said. Oh what service.

Too bad the restaurant didn't serve coffee or desert. What? Who doesn't serve coffee? I started to wonder if I was in a Felini movie.

But onto Fred and why I want to thank him so vehemently....

For driving us the five blocks back to the hotel from Chickie's & Pete's when the Holiday Inn shuttle that dropped us there only 40 minutes earlier somehow dissapeared. Oh, and there are no cabs in this part of Philly on a snowy, frigid Saturday night at all of 10 pm.

It's not like it was 3 am. It was 10 pm and when @Katrina_Doell tried calling for transport, no one was responding. I guess the three ladies were somewhat pathetic, and on the verge of tears when we realized there was a funky looking van right in their parking lot that was just sitting there.

So Fred went in the back and found the keys and drove the Blogger Mom and her posse the five blocks down the street to the Holiday Inn that lost their liquor license as well as their god damn shuttle bus.

Fred is a hockey fan. Thank God. He's also an Eagles fan, so maybe he did the driving for Ms. Katrina.

Well, that's our story and I'm sticking to it. So while the Islanders headed to sunny Florida, we were stuck in snowy PA waiting for a cab.

So, Thank You FRED!

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