Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Playing a Full 60 Minutes

Well, they played a brilliant 20 minutes in the first period against the Red Wings in their only match-up this season. The period started off with a quick goal by #mightymattmoulson who may actually have found his way back to a scoring streak. He scored it at 01:11 of the first on 01-12-10. (Anyone know binary code?) This was his 17th of the season and there is plenty more hockey to play this season.

Proving he has found a home here on the Island, Robbie Schremp made it 2 - 0 Islanders at 15:43 of the first. It was a great fake and pass by Bruno Gervais that found Robbie while Streit screened Howard.

They went to the locker room having played a solid 20 minutes. When they returned to the ice, everyone realized there hadn't been a penalty. As soon as Howie Rose mentioned that fact, Maltby took a slashing penalty and the Islanders were on the Power Play. Considering the past performance of the power play, I didn't expect much. But somehow with shots peppering Howard. Robbie Schremp capitalized on a a rebound left in the crease, was patient in his positioning and calmly pushed it into the net behind Howard.

It was that dreaded 3 - 0 lead. I'm pretty certain we all held our breath wondering how long they could keep a hold on it.

At 9:18 of the second, the Red Wings told ex-Islander Chris Osgood to go get dressed. It too him a few to put himself together and get out onto the ice. It was actually nice to see Osgood on the Coliseum ice. I always liked him. What wasn't nice seeing on our ice was an Octopus.

Explain to me how some dumb ass fan could sneak a slimy, uncooked octopus past our crack security guards at the Coliseum and then wait to toss it out onto the ice? Better yet, explain why he'd want to hold onto that smelly, slimy thing waiting to make a spectacle of himself. Ridiculous.

At the 17:00 mark of the second, Sean Bergenheim, in his first game back in a month, took a bad penalty and headed to the box. The Red Wings became frustrated and Datsyuk just knocked Kyle Okposo to the ice and was called for interference. Well, so much for that Wings power play. While on the now Islander power play, Mark Steit increased the lead to 4 - 0 at 16:19 of the second and I was relieved. At least that was a one goal cushion on what could have been another squandered 3 goal lead.

Once again they went to the locker room confident and the fans were happy. Two periods down and only one more to go. The question is, would they emerge slow and out of gas or ready to go in for the kill? Which Islander team would show up in the third?

Luckily, it was the one that figured out it could win. They were playing to win and didn't give up in the third this time. As a matter of fact, at 9:22 of the third, Kyle Okposo did what everyone expected him to do. He scored his 10th goal and he now has 31 total points, even though he's currently a -5. (That won't last long.)

With less than 9 minutes left, Rolie made a pad save with 1/2 his goalie stick broken and in the net. There was a whistle and the Islanders were called for too many men on the ice and the Wings went on the power play. So far the Islanders have been exceptional. if they can get through this power play without a goal against, they will be perfect.

The Isles penalty killers held the Wings to only three shots on the power play. They were very vocal on the ice. It seemed to be a key ingredient. Communication. It's a beautiful thing.

Shockingly, Bruno Gervais made it 6 - 0 with under three minutes to go. Yes, I said Bruno Gervais put a puck passed Chris Osgood. According to Gordon, this was his best game so far.

While the hat trick for Robbie Schremp was on every one's mind, including the Wings', Andy Sutton took a penalty in the last minute of the period which negated Schremp's Hat Trick bid, but it didn't take away Roloson's shut out bid. The horn sounded and it was all over.

According to Howie Rose, this is the second time the Islanders have shut out the Red Wings. Billy Jaffe elaborated. "They took the Red Wings game and took it to them. They just took the will right out of the Red Wings."

Schremp earned the third star, Mark Streit was the second and of course the first star went to Dwayne Roloson. He didn't look happy about having to talk to Deb Placey before heading to the room. "....by far the best game we've played all year. We followed the game plan to a "T" and did the little things you do to win a hockey game."

"We' have to believe in ourselves. Just keep things simple. We're a good hockey club."

And Big Angry Man yelled... "JUST LEAVE ROLLIE IN NET!"

Scott Gordon claimed he "cleaned up some things offensively." When asked about Robbie Schremp's recent success, Scott said "He's made a believer out of his teammates." During the intermission, Robbie was asked if he was more confident now that he seemed to find a place on the bench instead of the press box. He said he certainly did have more confidence playing more. Gordon was asked if he knew Robbie was going to find his place on the team.

"I coached against him enough in Providence. I knew the talent was there." He said he's come a long way as now when he makes a mistake, he comes to the bench telling Gordon what he did wrong. "Players coaching themselves is what you want. If they don't repeat their mistakes, then you'll have success."

This was a game they could all be proud of. "We're all striving to get 6o minutes. It's not easy to do. This by far was our best 60 minute performance."

And I wasn't there to see it in person! BOO HISS!!!

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