Thursday, January 14, 2010

Garth Snow @ the NYIBC Meeting

The man who is very tight lipped with the media was charming and chatty with the fans tonight at the Marriott. He actually was inviting tough questions and spending time giving his most honest answers. I actually ran out of space on my recorder.

I'm not doing the write up this time, so I can't give any of his details away at the moment. But I will say that he certainly dispelled today's Internet rumor and is very pleased with the depth the Islanders have in the organization and the youth that it is developing.

Regarding Andy Sutton, as it is not the Islanders policy of discussing contract negotiations, all he would say is that they would have never signed him in the first place if they weren't high on him. It is a shame that he has been unfortunate in the injury dept.

The members waited in line long after the meeting was done and Snow spoke to each of them without rushing. Everyone left with their own personal story of their chat with the Islanders GM.

Yeah... Let's see Lou Lamorillo do that!

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