Friday, January 15, 2010

Sticking To the Plan!

Is anyone really surprised that the statement from the GM of the Islanders late yesterday read "We're not going to deviate from our plan."

That plan is actually taking shape quite nicely. The young guns are developing into bona fide NHLers and Rick DiPietro is slowly coming back to form.

There are more names on the horizon that will one day soon be seen in Islanders sweaters. Since the World Juniors, those names have become quite well known.

One thing that Garth Snow said last night at the Booster Club meeting that I will repeat was that Ryan Jankowski said with quite a bit of pride that this year's WJC tournament boasted more Islanders prospects than ever before. That is a testament to their drafting skills. I guess all that hard work and all those charts that Jankowski toils over are really finally paying off.

Certainly, there are a few holes in the Islanders roster. You can say that about a lot of teams in the league. But the holes are small and each game, they seem to be filling them in.

Regarding Marty Biron, Garth Snow told the audience he was honest from the start with Biron and he has been nothing but first class. But he is in no rush to move him and will not unless it is the right deal for both the Islanders and Biron. (Even with those wolf eyes of his, he may very well be one of the most genuinely affable humans you could ever meet.) I wouldn't be in a hurry to move him either. Especially as the Islanders actually eye a playoff berth.

The question for the weekend will be: When does Ricky play?

My personal opinion, and one that doesn't seem to be shared by many, is to hold Ricky until Monday's matinee game against the NJ Devils. My reasoning is as follows:

1) DiPietro LOVES facing Marty Brodeur.

2) If Marty isn't in net, it would be our ex-back up in net.

3) Matinee games are filled with kids -- kids love Ricky.

4) Ryan Miller is a wall.

5) The Islanders usually lose day games anyway.

Okay, was that rude? I'm not looking to give him an excuse should he lose (as the Isles more than likely will on Monday - day) I'm just thinking about the kids.

All I know is that the Islanders have not played since Tuesday's 6 - 0 win over the Red Wings. They won't play until Saturday night. That is a three day stretch of down time. Personally, I'm starting to get antsy. All I can think of is, if I feel like this after only a three day layoff, how the hell will I feel during the Olympic break? huh?

PS: it's possible (but not confirmed yet) that Rick DiPietro is actually using Twitter. I will try to confirm.

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~me said...

when they say men get better looking with can add Garth to that one...

Always a nice guy and a gentleman!

and he's doing great...when he asked for patience...I think he should get it from the fans...but I know...not many are capable..the isles have to build a steady foundation...

(so I've been told) hehehe

good article Dee...

see you soon- we havent seen you since last year!!! (ha!)