Monday, January 25, 2010

White Receives Fine Only

When I saw this tonight on Twitter, I thought it was a joke. I have not seen the NHL press release (if there is one.) There is also nothing on the Devil's website either. But the news on the net is that White did have a hearing and received no suspension, only the standard $200 fine.

To this I say -- I'M NOT HAPPY.

If indeed the league wanted to set examples for hits from behind, why must be it based on how much blood is spilled in the aftermath?

It was horrible to see Dupuis's gash over his eye leave a large pool of blood on the ice behind Roloson's crease. It took 37 stitches to close. Yes, it was brutal to watch. Andy Sutton felt horrible and didn't hide from the media or anyone else. He faced the music with dignity and remorse.

When Colin White drove Sean Bergenheim's face into the boards, there was a much smaller puddle of blood. He did receive a 5 minute major on the play and played less than 9 minutes in that game.

Sean Bergenheim also played less than 9 minutes in Saturday's game as he spent a good amount of time having his face put back together and being fitted for a full face shield.

White should have received at least a one game suspension. But that's just me. And that's why I'm not very happy right now.

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