Friday, February 26, 2010

Dear Scott: The Weather is Horrible...

5:21 pm; Never underestimate the power of the BIG cookie!
Congratulations to Team USA and the entire roster for a job well done. Here's to going for Gold on Sunday! And as usual -- Scott Gordon was right! They were staying until Sunday!

Original post: 10 am

"So why don't you win today and stay in Vancouver through Sunday. Okay?"

That was my email to him this morning.

Even without the "Snow Day" I have taken today, I was expecting to leave my office early so that I could sit in front of the big screen and watch today's match up with Finland at 3 pm on NBC. While it's nice to know that hockey will be on the main Peacock network, it is a 3 pm game, so I'm assuming the only thing NBC is doing is trying to cement a Pavlov's Dog theory that NBC carries Hockey in the afternoon. (NBC Carries Hockey In the Afternoon... repeat...)

My Team USA jersey is draped over the chair and ready and I've set out an offering to the hockey gods of chocolate chip muffins and spiked hot cocoa. (Okay, that was my breakfast, but the candles are still lit.)

I should have thought of invoking the Hockey Gods for last night's Women's game. Maybe it would have helped. As the saying goes, "You win Bronze, you lose to get Silver." What a heartbreak for the Womens' team. Some of them were truly inconsolable last night during the medal ceremony.

The shut out was stinging for them. Some of them have played for USA Hockey for half their lives. Some of them may never reach the Olympics again. But chin up girls! You are coming home with hardware. It is still a testament to the USA Hockey program and women's hockey in general.

Now, for the men -- well, they have played the underdog role this entire tournament. In all honesty, however they get the job done will be fine with me. You only need one goal to win -- one more than your opponent. That's all I'm hoping for.

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