Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Isles vs. the Preds on a Tuesday before the Storm!

9:20 pm: Okay, then. SOG are even at 26 - 26 and the preds are sill up by one goal. It's going to be another long drive home I think.

9:10 pm: And... too many men is not a good thing. So Joensuu gets to sit in the box for a coaching error. Nice. Will the Preds make it 4 - 2?

Certainly all the action is behind Marty's net so it doesn't bode well as they havent'be been able to clear the puck. And the one time they did, one of the Nashville media banged on the table. Dude, you're already winning. Lighten up.

9:06: Isles on the Power play with so many chances and so few goals to show for it. Moulson on the doorstep gets into a little shoving match but Rinne has been very solid. Certainly, he'll be inked as one of the three stards tonight.

Okay, start of third and the Preds get the 2 man advantage for a few and make it 3 - 2 Preds on a slapshot while Bergie and Nielsen were both in the box. Great.... And I was in such a good mood about a minute ago.

8:35 pm: with one minute remaining and on a 5 on 3, Bruno Gervais ties the game at 2. yes, I said Bruno Gervais.

8:31 pm: Isles PP when #25 takes an interferrence call. How many can they be O fer. oh... Scrum against the boards! Martin is in the middle of it. Okay, so the kid may not get his first NHL point, but he'll have plenty to remember.

#6, Shea Weber takes a cross checking penalty and the Isles have the two man advantage. If they can't score here. They shouldn't play.

8:24 pm: Andy Sutton has a breakdown. Okay, so Joel Ward skates in one on one towards Biron, who is painfully far out of the net and scores with Andy Sutton right tbreaks his stick over Marty's goal net.

here. Sutton blows a gasket and 8:18 pm: Somehow, the original PP goal was waived off, but then a few moments later, with Biron sitting inside the net, the puck was swept away from him and banged right back behind him. All tied And the second period starts with a goal by Freddy Meyer with an assist by Rob Schremp. SOG are now 11 - 12 in favoor of Nashville.

8:12 pm: Nielsen takes a hooking penalty and the preds are on the Power play. Within second the puck slides right by Biron and he complains to the linesmen that he was being interfered with. The play is under review, but i'm sure it will stand. Score is now 1 - 1.

7:28 pm: Penalty killed so no doghouse for Martin. I'm noticing I can actually hear the puck bounce off Marty's pads. Usually it just whizzes by him. DOH!

7:24 pm: Matt Martin doesn't get his frirst point, but he get's his first penalty. go sit in the box kid.

7:19 pm: I'm having a little trouble with my netbook. It seems to have a mind of it's own. If the typing looks drunk, please know... I'm not. But it seems the netbook is.

7:17 pm: TV Time out, I can tell because the NHL guys below me have a TV. I don't I'm hoping the Marty Biron doesn't wander too far out of the net tonight and that he has a better rebound control.

7:10 pm, and we drop the puck and off the go. Jeff Tambellini has a seat again as a healthy scratch with Doug Weight, and Rick is backing up Marty, so Dwayne sits out.

JT had a great breakaway but comeau didn't get the pass right in the crease. too bad.

Martin's first shift on the ice with Meyers sim Park and Macdonald. Okay Kid. Not too bad.

Marty dangerously out of the net almost cost him. As supposedly the Preds are the least penalized team in the league, this game may go very fast.

7:13 a whistle. Nashville has 3 shots on goal and the Isles have zippo.

6:57 pm: What great information I received while down at the glass with Mark Willoughby. The Preds have some great stories on their team for sure. From their own version of The Blind Side to a point leader being the absolute last draft pick of 2005 to their first round draft pick facing off against John Tavares for the first time.

Win or lose, this will be an entertaining game... for us at least. And believe it or not, there are quite a few Nashville jerseys here representing. So don't tell me Hockey doesn't work in the South! It certainly DOES.

Oh Look... Disco ball.

It's 6:27 pm, do you know where your blogger is? At the top of the Coliseum waiting for the game to start! And we have a guest in the house. Say hello to TheViewFrom111 Nashville Predators blogger and great guy, Mark.

I'd like to show him some Long Island hospitality, and I will, I'm just hoping it doesn't include the Preds leaving with two points.

The Islanders need to stop the bleeding and their losing streak. So tonight has to be the night. I'm heading to take photos by the glass.


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