Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Martin: 2 Pts, Biron: Shoot Out Win

With all the distractions, both self imposed and those from those tugging at my sleeves, it basically took me five hours to write ONE game recap. This does NOT bode well for the book in my head.

But it was an interesting game last night in so many ways, feel good stories for both youngster Matt Martin and veteran Marty Biron. Check it out here at

No, seriously. It took me five hours to write, the least you can do is take five minutes to read it.

I'm snowed in with the family and still accessible to work even though our office is closed. Damn, stupid Internet that makes you available no matter what. Ugghh!

Checked on the team and they have arrived safe and sound in Pittsburgh. The bigger question will be getting OUT of Pittsburgh! Hopefully THEY don't have to push a bus.

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Travelchic59 said...

Isn't technology wonderful? No such things as sick days or snow days anymore. The office is open 24hours a day now! UGH!!!!!! Shoot me!!!!