Thursday, February 25, 2010

Team USA Moves On

Team Russia gets to go home. Did anyone have these match-ups penned on their guess list? I doubt it.

Four teams remain: USA, Canada, Finland and Slovakia. Team USA faces Finland at 3 pm on Friday. Canada faces Slovakia immediately after.

I haven't even WATCHED Finland play this tournament. I think I caught Slovakia for a few minutes on the web -- IN BETWEEN FREAKIN' COMMERCIALS!

But here's a few thoughts about Team USA's chances over at HockeyBuzz. As you can tell by the photo for today, there are a few thoughts about Herb Brooks in the entry. I've heard so many interviews with the 1980 team this week, I can't help but cry every time I do. He was taken too soon as so many special people are.

Now, on another note: I am livid over NBC's coverage of hockey and how they are handling it. Yes, thank you for Doc Emerick calling the games, but do you think you can figure out the best time to insert your commercials? I thought it was only on the webstream feed, but your broadcast feed is the same. You cut to commercials that we've seen about 1,000 times so far and the action has already started. There's a penalty called, and we have no idea WHY.

Stop it. Just stop it. You want to fulfill your advertising agreements, put the ads between periods where they belong. And by the way... I now shut off the audio on the webstream during your commercials because they are grating on my nerves. I know you may think we can be conditioned like Pavlov's dog to buy Direct TV if you air it 32 times in a two hour period, but instead I have become angered by it.

Hey NBC -- Remember the most famous comedy sketch about sudden violence: Slowly I turn? Yeah. That's where I'm heading!


Rob in Nova Scotia said...

Hi Dee,

You must have lost interest before you thought you did, the game was 7-3, not 8-3, and all three of Russia's goals were before the third period. :)

7th Woman said...

I did. I lost total interest and started to hallucinate while reading other articles on the net. Maybe that was a downhill skiing number I saw.. ;0)