Thursday, February 18, 2010

Team USA wins again!

Congratulations to Team USA and Coach Scott Gordon for pulling out a 6 - 1 win over Norway. While it wasn't exactly what I was hoping for this morning, it was still enough to earn 3 points. But adjustments still need to be made if Team USA plans on making it to a medal round -- and winning.

Meanwhile, someone forgot to tell the Swiss that this is Canada's game as it took until a fourth shoot out round to determine who would get the second point for the game. Babcock had to put Sidney Crosby back in the shoot out after his first attempt on Hiller was stoned. Hiller and Brodeur stopped three shooters each. But someone had to win. But it wasn't easy.

Thoughts on this afternoon and this evenings' CAN-SUI game here at HockeyBuzz..

Note to Shaun White: Perhaps playing air guitar during the national anthem while you're on the podium isn't the best idea you've had. UGH!!


Jim H said...

Yes, I thought Shaun White deserved a hop in the ass for his behavior on the podium. Awesomely inappropriate, dude!

Travelchic59 said...

Have you noticed that American athetes are the only ones that NEVER sing their national anthem when it's being played when they are on the podium? I've been watching these games and not one American who has won gold has sung it. It neatly fits my theory that most Americans do not know the words to the national anthem. Kinda sad. Maybe they don't teach it in school anymore.

As for Sean White. Love the kid. He's a character that follows his own drum beat. Same for the figure skater Johny Weir.