Tuesday, February 16, 2010

USA 3 Switzerland 1

And that's ONE. Three points to start the what will hopefully be a successful run for Team USA at the Vancouver Olympics.

On Sunday, I didn't get a chance to wish Scott Gordon good luck before he headed off to Vancouver. I decided to send him a quick email from home. I smiled from ear to ear when he took the time to respond from his blackberry.

It took me almost a half hour to get the damn web stream working this afternoon. Much of that time was taken up by having to create a Cablevision account on-line so that I could actually stream NBC. I can't tell you how annoyed it made me that I now can't even watch something televised by NBC without having to go through Dolanvision.

The website didn't start streaming the game live for me until it was already six minutes into the game. I wasn't happy, but I wasn't giving up either. After all, as an Islander fan, I am exceptionally proud that our head coach is one of the three behind the bench for Team USA. I didn't want to miss it. I'm glad I didn't. And I also don't think I've ever heard Mark Streit's name so often in one game broadcast!

There is nothing like Olympic competition. Team US GM, Brian Burke, told a radio reporter he would have folded towels or driven the bus just to be involved with USA Hockey for this competition. He is driving the bus.

So congratulations to Team USA for today's win. Now get some practice time in as the games go on. Next up, Team USA will face Norway who was blown out by Team Canada 8 - 0 this evening. That puts an awful lot in the goal differential column for Canada. Hopefully, our USA team can do the same.

As much as I enjoy the Olympics and all they mean, I'm quite miserable without my NHL hockey. I'm feeling a little lost and out of sorts. I can't even imagine how bad I'll be by next week. Actually, I don't think I want to think of that right now.

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