Saturday, March 6, 2010

Hockey in the Daylight! Isles vs. Bruins

3:27 left and I'm calling for a kyle okposo game tier. I hope.
But I have to pack up now.

later for postgame from the couch.

10:02 According to IslesNation According to islanders spokesman. Comeau is "fine had facial lacerations and kept out for precautionary reasons." That's more than i got up here.

Great shift by the Islanders with nothing to show for it on the score board.

14:00 of the third, and just as I expected, Matt Moulson cuts the lead to 3 - 2 with the Islanders now leading in SOG by 3 at 32 to 29.

One more and we get Wendy's Chili!

Period 3: With a less than 2 minute power play available to them, and in front of 14,587 fans, the Islanders had better come out firing on all cylinders in order to get this game back on track. They are only down by 2. Completely doable.

With a five minute power play to work with the Islanders take their time and get a few SOG, but the puck doesn't stay in the Bruins zone.

3:54: NOT GOOD!!! Blake Comeau is taking into the glass hard by Ryder and doesn't get up. They have wheeled out the stretcher but he refuses it and is helped off the ice by the training staff. Ryder is given a five minute major and a game misconduct. This is exactly the plays the NHL wants OUT of the game. But seriously, how do they?

6:47 Doug got stripped of the puck by Lucic and then Richard Park literally picked some guys wallet as he stole the puck and sent it up ice.

10:15: Roloson gets knocked down and the net gets dislodged and there are no calls. I hope he is alright. Well he did make another save. You shouldn't knock a guy around like that. Pads or not. And Tim Thomas is definitely not getting enough work!

12:00: Awesome stick work by Robbie Schremp to keep the puck in the Bruins zone and get it to Dylan Reese Twice. Two nice shots on goal for the kid in his second NHL game but two stops by Tim Thomas keep him from getting his first NHL goal.

Oh look it's Miro Satan on the ice! He has a job.

Rolson is going to kick himself (or the ref for not blowing the whistle) but a really unfortunate situation as Roloson just gave the Bruins their 3rd goal by kicking the puck behind him and right into the net. He was pissed.

16:00: I almost decorated my shoes as Sean Bergenheim tried so hard to get another goal for the Isles to put them up 2 - 1. He came so close, but no cigar! There were 4 shots on that shift. Sadly within seconds with Roloson sprawled in front of his crease, David Krejci poked one right behind him into an open net.

I wonder if that collision with Freddy Meyer had anything to do with it.?
2- 1 Bruins but SOG are now 13 - 19. Getting there.

Start of second: And they get their 5th shot on goal. I could hear it from up here. #37 Bergeron took down Bruno and the Isles go on a Power play. Fail to keep it in the Bruins zone. But with my head down, I think the Isles just got a goal Not sure who it belongs to as it was a Streit shot and a dog pile in front of the net. Think they are crediting it to Bailey. that's good. All tied at 1 and SOG are now by half 8 - 16.

1:42: Bad break for Roloson who was screened as a bruins shot directly in front of him went by three Islanders and into the net. Goal by Lucic at 18:26.

2:46: Is it my eyes or is Freddy Meyer having a really good game? One bad turn over by Mark Streit was followed by a very important whistle. Thank goodness. Sean Bergenheim actually got a shot on goal, but no one was there to bang in the rebound. Another opportunity missed. SOG are now only 4 - 13 in the Bruins favor.

6:50: The third Isles SOG was a bang from JT to the left of the crease which slipped by and was so close to Moulson's stick I'm sure he felt the breeze. What an opportunity lost.

9:12 left of the first: Isles are being outshot yet again if the shot clock is correct. It says 2 Isles to 10 bruins. Yep. Seems about right. Sean Bergenheim is back in the lineup with Tim Jackman Schremp, Meyer, and Reese. He's been hustling, but still nothing.

If there is a Hockey God, please, Let JT score today. Please.

Puck Drop: And the first penality of the afternoon is none other than Jon Sim.
Isles on the PK with a good clear midway through. Two good stops by Roloson who is getting tested early. Hopefully we don't have a repeat of him getting chased from the net like he did in Atlanta. Not that Marty would have a problem with that mind you.

Don't say I'm not dedicated. Food poisoning and all -- I'm freakin' here!

Let's see if the Islanders show up for this daylight tilt against the Boston Bruins. As the Bruins seem to be having a hard time finding their scoring touch, it should be an interesting game. They do have SEVEN (or several) more points than the Isles right now and a pretty good road record. Let's see if the Isles can put a loss in that road column today.

And if this becomes incoherent, I'm sorry. I still feel like crap.

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