Saturday, March 6, 2010

Typical Day Game Loss

Well, had they played 60 minutes, they may have won, but the 3 - 2 score in favor of the Bruins stood after I packed up at the five minute mark. I thought if I did, Kyle Okposo would have tied it up and sent it to overtime and I would be kicking myself for having packed the computer. No such luck.

But I did get a few minutes with call-up Dylan Reese who is very familiar with Matt Moulson's scoring touch. Postgame here at HB. Scott Gordon had some strong words in today's post game regarding dissapointment and mental mistakes. The frustration level is evident.

Blake Comeau was escorted off the ice and didn't return, but Gordon said it didn't seem like there were any concussion symptoms. We hope that's true. We'd also like to see if any rulings come down for the hit.

I'm hoping beyond hope that I can actually get my final Olympic entry done tomorrow. I had a wonderful conversation with Scott Gordon on Friday about his experience and his feelings about the NHL continuing participation in the Olympics. I may not have it up until late Sunday, but I'm going to give myself the deadline of -- SUNDAY! He did have some interesting things to say!

and with that -- I think I will pass out now.

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