Sunday, March 14, 2010

Isles vs. Leafs at 5 pm at the Barn

Back again, within 24 hours. My my. Beginning write up here at HB. But let's talk about warm ups.

Matt Martin has been recalled from Bridgeport to take the place of Luckless Jeff Tambellini. Martin has made a name for himself here on Long Island. People were yelling for him down at the glass.

I didn't get the freakin' memo that I should have worn GREEN! I stressed over my outfit to begin with. Had I know it was "GREEN DAY" here at the barn, I would have complied!!

They're even playing GREEN DAY! Matt Martin may not be recognizable tonight as he shaved his head a few weeks ago for the Stound Tigers St. Baldrich's charity event. Those beautiful locks are gone! I remember overhearing that he actually grew it longer just for the event. Good kid.

Once again, I have the pleasure of sitting just feet away from Leafs GM Brian Burke. I want to genuflect. Seriously. I have such a great respect for that man.

Marty Biron faces off against JS. Giguere. The Leafs have been winning, but the Islanders have managed to pull a rabbit out of a hat or two. This could be anyone's game as they are the 14th and 15th team in the standings. It all depends on who shows up to play and who can shut down Phil Kessel.

As far as charities go, the Islanders raised and donated $8,000 to sled hockey and just handed Bobby Nystrom, Trottier and Hogue a check for $25,000 from their Sticks and Steaks benefit.

However, the game started and the Leafs scored on Marty Biron on the first shot. Sort of like what happened last night to Dwayne Roloson. One shot. One goal. Yikes. Goal by Nikolai Kulemin.

While they were announcing the goal for the Leafs, Tim Jackman banged one in from the paint passed Giggy. Now, let's watch as Trevor Gillies is rumored to be fighting Colton Orr for sure tonight. If they can keep the scoring up, he won't have.

In a strange twist of fate, Katie Strang just tweeted that Gillies will get an assist on Jackman's goal. His first career NHL point.

Who are they booing?

So while I'm upstairs having a hot dog (but watching the big screen in the break room) Matt Martin lays a nice hit on Phaneuf in retaliation for his hit JT (he also hit Okposo last meeting, that's what the booing was for.) Phaneuf went down by the boards and stayed there. But Phaenuef didn't want to fight. Lundmark did. So they went around in a circle and Martin got 4 minutes and a ton of respect from the bench.

Not to be outdone, Freddy Meyer lays a beautiful hit on Grabovski along the boards and new Leaf Luca Caputi jumps on him and drops the gloves but Blake Comeau steps in and stops them. Now there is a penalty on Caputi so the teams skates 4 aside.

Oh look! Another Leaf penalty as #41 is now in the box as there is a littlemore than 2 minutes left. Can they make it 3 - 1 before the period ends? Jt is trying to make it happen right at the side of the net. But no.

Start of third, SOT are now 17 - 12 with the Isles still up by 1 in this fast paced match-up that has seen a Parade to the box. The Leafs have not scored on any of their Power Plays.

Christian Hanson gives the Isles their 5th power play of the game, but with a lot of skating behind Biron, they can't manage to set up properly and the penalty expires with out increasing the score.

4:24 left of the 2nd and JT gets knocked down behind Giggy's net. His helmet is almost knocked off and he's slow to get up. No whistle and play continues. He skates to the bench and sits with his head in his hands. Please. Not another injury.

SOG now 20 - 14 in favor of the Isles, but all the action is infront of Biron. Dustin Kohn breaks his stick and it gets a little chaotic out there. But no damage. Kessel gets a good shot at Biron from the left circle. Biron makes the save and Meyer does a little pushing and knocks Kessel's helmet off.

Kessel now checked JT into the boards.

Comeau hits the post, then Sim protects the puck gets it back to Comeau who dishes it to Nielsen who bangs it passed Giguere to make it 3 - 1 Islanders. The eurphoria doesn't last long as Kohn is sent to the box for roughing.

The Leafs began the 3rd on the Power Play but the score is still 3 - 1. Matt Moulson gets to sit for a too many men penalty and the Leafs get yet another PP. Biron makes an elbow save on Kessel while Phaneuf is booed every time he touches the puck.

15:02 and Ricahrd Park takes a puck to the leg goes doen and still stays out there playing. He waits until the rush is up ice before getting off for a change.

Every time Marty Biron skates out to the hashmarks to make a play, I panic. But this time, he clears it well out of the zone and can get back to his net. He is looking sharp tonight after that first goal on the first shot.

Oh, and my night was made. Brian Burke said hello to me. I'm telling you, when you worship at the church of hockey, you can't help but feel this way.

11:10: First it's a six pack of penalties the Islanders hand the Leafs, then before Blake Comeau even has a chance to get comfortable, Freddy Meyer joins him in the box. The good thing is that Phil kessel takes a corresponding penalty for tripping. So -- Not so bad. If they can get out of it.

They Did, the Leafs stand 0 - 6 on the PP. Burke doesn't look happy. There is a little pushing and shoving between Okposo and Beauchemin before they go to the TV Time out. Now there is a Pow Wow on the ice before they go to the face off circle to the right of Giguere.

With a little more than 2 minutes left, Matt Moulson gets his #25 of the season and I screamed. I'm glad Mr. Burke had already left.

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