Saturday, April 3, 2010

2nd Period

Well, the first ended with an uncharactoristic fight between Sean Bergenheim and Nick Foligno. I was very upset that the refs didn't stop the fight more quickly as we know Sean is not exactly a fighter. But they were probably waiting for someone to hit the ice, and considering how strong Sean is on his skates, it wasn't going to be him. They both received 5 minute penalties and began the period cooling off in the box.

Just as the second period started, John Tavares put the Islanders up by one with his 22nd goal of this season that is fast winding down. Only a few seconds later, Dylan Reese makes it 2-0 with a slap shot passed Elliot. It is his second NHL goal. One more and it's Wendy's Chili time AGAIN!

No sooner said than done as the Isles make it 3 -0 with a shot from Hillen at 9:46 of the second. I hope you are taking advantage of the free Wendy's Chili!
According to Newsday's Katie Strang, if the Islanders win today they would STILL not be mathematically eliminated from the playoffs.
Speaking of Playoffs; I almost had a little dispute on the concourse as there was a man speaking with a security guard and being very disreprectful of coach Gordon. Now, free speech is one thing, but sheer stupidity is another. I tried to point out a few actual FACTS to enlighten the gentleman, but it was of no use. I decided to let it be. Sometimes you just can't fight stupid.
Speaking of "stupid"... Gentleman Mike Bossy caught me getting on the elevator with my Bunny Ears. He laughed and said they were fine. I blushed like I was twelve.
Meanwhile, back at the game... Trent Hunter gives the Sens a Power Play and Sean Bergenheim gets a shot off that Elliot gloves down.

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