Saturday, April 3, 2010

Isles vs Sens 1:37 pm at the Barn

It's absolutely beautiful out and I'm having 20 people for Easter dinner. Where am I? At the rink -- much to my husband's audible dismay. But hey... it's what I do.

Today it's the return of the ex-Islanders as both Chris Campoli and Andy Sutton are skating at the other end of the ice in strange jerseys. The Tweet this morning from Newsday's Katie Strang was that Andy Sutton wouldn't rule out returning to the Islanders. Funny, 'cause that ain't the first time I've heard that. Actually, the day big Andy was traded I heard the mumblings "He'll be back."

Now... wouldn't that be a brillliant move if he is? Draft pick AND we get him back. Schnoice.

Mind if I'm a little surprised to see Biron back in net? I would have thoguht for sure it would have been Roloson. But it's Gordon's call. Today, It's Marty again. I know for a fact that his kids are here. So maybe they came to see Daddy play!

Teh cameras keep focusing on Andy Sutton on the Ottawa bench, as if it's going to incite teary eyes in Isalnders fans. Tim Jackman said hello to him as well -- as he checked him -- twice. Hey Andy... How you doing?

Blake Comeau was clotheslined at the edge of the net, Kyle Okposo just simmed the left side of the net with the puck and Sean Bergenheim did the same. There is somehting going on with the left post. It seems to be attracting everything.

Another good chance for the Islanders, but Mark Flood couldn't get the shot off and Elliott quickly covered up.

And Ruutu gives the Islanders their first power play of the after noon as the third man in on a roughing penalty when Gillies and Neil do a little pushing and shoving in front of the net.

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