Thursday, April 1, 2010

The NEW Streak of One

Yep, that's how Scott Gordon called it. Of course, with a win over the bigger Flyers after losing to them since February of 2008, Gordon was in a jovial mood in the post game press conference.

"Blake set the tone for the game by shooting the puck. Obviously, we took advantage of the goal tending tonight and they didn't lie down by any means and we needed all six." Gordon said of Blake Comeau who is on his own streak of multi-point games.

When asked about his game, Blake told reporters "Something that I've changed about my game is I'm shooting the puck more. Obviously, it's going to give itself a chance to go in no matter how hard it is or where it's shot from. That's something I'm going to continue to do and bounces are going my way. So hopefully, it stays that way."

Gordon continued, "Blake has honest intentions of working hard all the time, but with the ability and skill that he has, he should be able to produce offensively. Literally, it's nothing more than getting pucks to the net. Those two goals that he scored, nobody thought they had a chance of getting into the net, but they did. Sometimes, that's what it takes. Just putting on the net and he's doing it."

Could this game be THAT simple? Really?

The Islanders chased Brian Boucher from the net after he let in five goals. Two from Blake Comeau, one from Sean Bergenheim, one from Frans Nielsen and one from Trent Hunter. It was time for rookie goaltender Jeremy Duchesne to get his chance in the NHL. The first shot he blocked was from Jon Sim. The first goal he gave up was to -- Jon Sim. Fate.

On the other end of the ice, Marty Biron gave up goals to ex-Islander Aaron Asham (figures) and James Van Riemsdyk (his 15th). It wasn't until lat in the third that Biron then gave up two more to Briere and Powe.

John Tavares earned his 25th and 26th assist tonight while Dylan Reese earned his first. I think Dylan will remember the game more than JT will.

But the guy who may really burn this game into his memory banks is Trevor Gillies who ended up with the hard-hat in the dressing room after the game. He wore it proudly as he sat removing his gear and checking on his scuffed up knuckles as he sat in the corner talking one on one to Mike. I have been hard on Trevor, but perhaps I don't fully understand his role. He is truly a "team" guy. He must be. That's IS his role. That role ingratiates him to his team mates and those who work with him.

"They should have given YOU the hard hat Marty. You deserve it, man!" he said to Biron in sincerity recognizing the performance Biron put up against his old team. As the man in net responsible for many of those 15 Flyers wins over the Islanders, this one was extra special. He, more than anyone, knows how difficult it is when you're playing for your post-season lives. Biron told how last season, his team didn't get into the playoffs until the last two games of the regular season. He knows the frustration of teams on the bubble at this time of year and says it can be mentally taxing. "A lot of teams are playing desperate hockey this time of year."

The Flyers didn't seem that desperate last night. Well, except for the last five minutes of the game when they realized they were going to actually lose to the NY Islanders.

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