Thursday, April 1, 2010

Isles 4 - Flyers 1: start of 3rd

John Tavares has been the man when it comes to face offs as he is standing right now at winning all of his 8 attempts.

Trevor Gillies has 1:06 of TOI. Mark Streit leads the team with 19:22. As much as he said he will miss heading to the playoffs when he spoke with Dan Martin of the NY Post, this man seriously needs a vacation.

I am calling for a Matt Moulson goal before the night is through. Hear that Matty? You! I'm talking to YOU!

I resisted the urge to scream yeah! as Hunter ripped another pased #33 in the Flyers net. Sorry dude. That's five, you're done. Jeremy Duchesne has now taken the place in net as the Isles have 24 shots to thier 21. And Marty Biron made an important save to the right of his net just now but Kyle will head to the box for highsticking. While this gives the Flyers another chance with the Power Play, a four goal differential gives me a little confidence they can get through this period.

That said, once again, with Marty on his butt, James Van Riemsdyk gets one to just trickle by him into the back of the net. Okay, so it's now 5 - 2. Get back in net Marty. don't start taking chances now.

Freddy Meyer tangles with Daniel Briere in Marty's crease and Biron gives him a little help. Play is stopped and we now get the Kiss Cam. Did I mention I really don't like the kiss cam. Pretty funny that they put it on a blond woman and a dark haired guy. She was yelling "It's my SON!!!" Good for her! That will make her night for sure.

Isles are 0 for 3 on the PP tonight and now the Flyers are ahead of them in shots at 29 - 26. Rookie Jeremy Duchesne made his first NHL save on Jon Sim. I'm sure it will be one he'll remember forever and Sim will forget by the time he goes to the locker room.
But he'll remember the goal he gave up to Sim to make it 6 - 2 Islanders.
Tapped on the shoulder for a shift, Gillies steps on the ice and immediately gets called for something and back to the box he goes. I think he now has 1;09 TOI. UGHHHH!
Okay, 2 minutes left ad it's 6 - 3 Isles. I am shutting down because this one is done.

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