Tuesday, April 6, 2010

2nd Period

Marty, Marty, Marty. Okay, so I was late getting back for the second period because I wanted to spend some time with my friends. Especially some of my favorites.

I have to say -- what I will miss most about the end of our Islanders season is knowing that I will see m here my friends here at the Coliseum. (I also have one that's leaving me for good. But I'll not speak of that yet as it will send me into a crying fit.)

But while I was catching up on all the gossip, the second period started and the Habs tied up the game at one. They then got one more to lead. Now, I know how desperately their fans would love for the Islanders to just lay down on this one, but that won't be so easy.

With only a few minutes left of the second, when I returned to my favorite seat here in the press box, after I retrieved my evening's quota of cinnanuts and popcorn, I watched Marty Biron make a few brilliant saves. You know, the kind of "flash the glove, I've got it" kind of saves that make highlight reels.
Make no mistake about it, when Marty Biron is on his game, he's an excellent starting goalie. I am going to miss him so much here.

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