Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Isles vs. Montreal 4/6/10

Okay, so I'm here. It's a beautiful day outside the rink and it's sad as hell inside. The sun is shining, the air is warm and it's the last weeknight of hockey here at the Coliseum.
Boo hiss!

Some one explain to me how all these Habs fans got here on a Tuesday in April? It's not a weekend. Is there a holiday in Canada right now?

Guess who is sitting tonight? Yep! Jeff Tambellini! Did you guess, did you?

And the winner of the Bobby Nystrom Award for 2010 is none other than Kyle Okposo.
Game Time: Biron vs. Halak. Moulson Park and Okposo, Meyer Reese and a really quick whistle and a quick shift. This sparse crowd teaming with Habs fans is going to be loud for sure. But it will be fun -- for the second to the last game at the barn.
The Isles are leading the Habs in shots on goal and the first power play went to the Canadiens who are still lacking in that area. However, while the game was going on, I was playing FIND THE FREAKIN' ISLANDER GAME ON DOLANVISION!!!
It's buried so low, we can't even get it at the Coliseum. I bet Howie and Billy were wondering why everyone was crowded around them.
PS: Comeau just scored to make it 1 - 0, but I digress.
So the game is on Channel 79 in Fuzzyvision. How does Cablevision get away with the ads that say all NY teams in HD when they bury the Islanders constantly? Oh, I would say they lie.
2:16 left and the Isles go on the Power Play with Gill in the box. SOT are 10 - 5 in favor of the Isles. Little scare as Blake Comeaue hobbled back to the bench not being able to put pressure on his foot. Don't ask me which foot. I'm too high up here.
John Tavares just had a beautiful chance for another goal but the puck just skimmed the red line from post to post. Matt Moulson tried a wrap-around move behind Halak but no go. they are running out of penalty and 1st period. But the Isles will go to the room with a 1 goal lead.
(HA! It's always funny when the NHL stat guys have to scramble to keep track of the game when there are bodies everywhere.)

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