Friday, April 16, 2010

Goo Goo Dolls Hampton Beach Casino 4-15-10

One of the most amazing venues to see a concert with one of the most energic, talented bands you can find.

A great big "THANK YOU!" not only to Johnny Reznick and the boys from The Goo Goo Dolls for a wonderful performance, but also to those other patrons around us that made the night very special.

To Hillary and Jennifer, the two beautiful women in front of us who have followed Johnny twice before. Hillary painstakingly made a sign for Reznick their prior meeting that he has in his studio. This time she spent hours with rhinestones, a gluegun and a toothpick designing a new "Johnny" sign with the newest Goo Goo Dolls logo on it.

As soon as Reznick saw it, he leaned over to grab it from her. He joked about turning it into the largest pair of eye-glasses since Elton John's. Hillary was all smiles and her friend Jennifer was happy she recieved the recognition she deserved. I hope the band invited her backstage after the show. She truly deserved it.

To Debra, Ken and their beautiful daughter and friend in matching hand-painted tee shirts, THANK YOU for watching out for Dan and I. They too enjoy shows at the Hampton Beach Casino, but they don't have to travel as far as we do to get there. But they were very good about maintaining order so close to the stage. When some rude patrons tried to muscle their way in front of us, Debra very nicely but sternly told them, NO WAY as we had been standing in the same spot since 7 pm and they had no right to get in front of us. She was right, they moved on and from there on in, it was the best show I have seen.

Even the group Rocket Summer that opened the show wasn't horrible. Deb's daughter and her friend spent a good amount of time (and a lot of Ken's money) up at the souvenier stand.

Drinks at Hampton beach are far cheaper than we from New York are used to, but getting to the bar and back when it's general admission is a little tough -- as Dan found out the hard way. Some young punk even stuck his foot out and made him spill a little of my (not bad for only $5.75) red wine on a woman's fleece. Dan apologized vehemently and then turned his attention to the culprit who was being a dick. No punches were thrown, but if looks could kill -- Dan would have won.

Again, thanks to everyone for a very special night.

**Note: Funniest line of the night for me? Dan leaning down to tell me "Robbie's in his socks." What? Yep. Robbie played the entire concert in his black socks. Also of note, the band was staying at the same hotel we did. When we arrived on Thursday, we spent a good hour stalking their tour bus from our window -- like 16 year olds. (No offense to my daughter -- the 16-year-old.)

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Washington Mills said...

I love it! Great recap Dee. What a great night we had. You'll have to come back up when it is a bit warmer and you can actually enjoy Hampton Beach. Don't get me wrong.. the water is never warm..! So nice to have met you. We're thinking about heading back for Eddie Money in July.. without the sign though. Ha ha