Friday, April 16, 2010

Trevor Gillies: Another Season with the Islanders

I stopped to talk to Trevor Gillies on the break-down day simply because he was in the hallway. Considering at the time I had no idea if we would ever see him again, I didn't exactly know what to ask him.

"Hey Ma'am. How you doing?" He's imposing but very friendly. Since Trevor spent most of this season with the Sound Tigers, I asked him about Jack's chances in the AHL playoffs against the Hersey Bears.

"I hope they do real well.If we can get by Hershey then I think we’ll have a legit shot at the Calder Cup.” Notice the “we” in his speech. Trevor is very much a “team” guy. “But they (the Bears) are definitely the favorites to win. I think what we have going for us is we have great goaltending and you’ll see with all these guys going back for defense, our defense is going to be stacked.”

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feralcatsspayneuter said...

Its another feel good story for an Islander player. But I think he has alot to prove to some Islander fans next year. Yes, the Islanders have a tough guy for next year, though not sure if some think he is the right one. I myself am not sure. Only way to know is to see the team perform next year. I have my fingers crossed.