Sunday, April 18, 2010

Sound Tigers 4 - Bears 1 4-19-10

With game 4 of the AHL playoffs scheduled in Bridgeport today at 3 pm, I couldn't resist the temptation of going to one last hockey game for the season.

It was a beautiful day for a ferry ride across the Sound. I made a mistake about the ferry schedule so we missed the noon ferry. But the 1:30pm ferry did arrive in time for the game. There were a few other Isles fan on the ferry, but not as many as there were that last Sunday game in March.

There was no line to get in, which surprised me. The concourse seemed a little quiet too. We headed to the bar to say "Hi" to one of the staples of the Arena and grab a quick drink. We ran to the gate just in time and were shown to our seats. As soon as we sat down I looked around and couldn't believe it.

"Where is everyone???"

So many empty seats! Such a waste! The venue is a fabulous value! I know there was playoff hockey on the TV, but these are great games at a great price. Ms. Katrina and I sat back and enjoyed the game with one of the Sound Tigers biggest fans sitting behind us.

Patsy Ordway (hopefully that is how to spell it) is a season ticket holder for the past five years. She is very invested in the team financially and emotionally. When the contingent of Bears fans were cheering on their team, she led the counter attack. She has a question for Coach Capuano though. "Yesterday on the Saturday game, for ten minutes, were they that much better or did we just implode?"

The fact that the Bears have won 60 games this season hasn't eluded her. She doesn't think they were as aggressive as they needed to be for that ten minutes that caused the Tigers to blow the game.

When I asked her if she felt that Monroe was the cause she said no. "I don't think it was Scott. There were just tons of turnovers."

"they're playing way more aggressive today. This is what they were doing in the first and third. Just not the second."

The Tigers had "their backs up against the way" and had to win today or it would have been a sweep.

Up on the fourth floor, I noticed Trevor Gillies sitting with fellow players looking very much like Panama Jack in a white straw fedora with a black band. I could tell it was him by that famous mustache of his.

I ventured up on the elevator and tracked him down. He told me he was wearing it because it was his lucky hat and the Tigers needed to win today. I explained he shouldn't worry because they always won when I came to visit. He asked me why I hadn't come by more often. Yikes. I wasn't thinking.

Well, I was actually there to see Mikko Koskinen, our 6'5" 21 year-old Finnish goalie. He's huge. When he's down on his knees he's the size of Glenn Healey. There were many familiar names on the ice today and many we will be seeing again in October.

For now, they have another game against the Bears on Wednesday. I can't be there, but I'm certainly hoping Trevor is there in his lucky hat. It seemed to work.

Let's Go Tigers!

Note: I'd like to thank a few people who made the ferry ride back home last night so pleasant. To our bartender Justin who was more than accomodating even though I was only drinking club soda. To the very handsome, dimpled, blue-eyed construction worker who lives only two towns away from me -- Yes. The world is the size of a walnut and you and Ms. Katrina had a lot of things to talk about. Even if she is an Eagles fan. To the father and son Isles fans that stood with us the entire ferry ride; thank you for a few laughs and explaining to our new friend how Isles fans CAN'T root for the Flyers -- EVER. So our wanting the Devils to win the game was actually acceptable.

To the two heavily made up tank top wearing women who chatted up the biker grandfathers for over an hour -- I seriously didn't care if you were Ranger fans. They are on the golf course too. But I'm pretty sure you had no idea of that.

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