Thursday, April 29, 2010

Matt Moulson: Media Darling

When Matt Moulson gets around -- he really Gets Around! So last night he was on Versus and this afternoon on NHL Live and later today at 4:30 pm on with Deb Placey for the BlackBerry pregame show.

Matt is perfect for this type of media frenzy. He is always natural and relaxed and good for a chuckle here and there when he isn't giving some pretty detailed hockey explanations.

Notes from today's show with Don & EJ:

Matt's fiance's Godfather is George McFee. (How many people in hockey is he going to be related to? This is going to turn into the 6 Degrees of Hockey Separation Moulson game.)

"Doug is the guy I look up to the most. He has an answer for everything."

"Montreal was under rated."

"My fiancee said I looked like a pip-squeak next to Hal Gill."

"Hopefully Garth and my agent will get a contract settled before the wedding." (which is in July)

Look for Matt Moulson to possibly end up with a Twitter account which would be interesting considering his open personality. Here he is getting some Twitter pointers from the NHL's Social Media Correspondent .
So if you want to stay up to date on what's happen with the Islanders, make sure you check their website and follow @NYIslanders on Twitter to get the inside scoop as the summer drags on.
*Thanks to Media Director Seth Sylvan for the Twitpics that I swiped off their account. Good camera phone!

Come on! How great is our Matty?