Thursday, April 29, 2010

Matt Moulson TV Celebrity

Okay, not yet. But he certainly could be. This is another reason I love Twitter. Where else can you get behind the scenes photos like these that were posted on the official @NYIslanders account on TwitPic?

After the surprising upset of the Habs over the Caps, I kept Versus on just to see how our unlikely star does on a panel talk show. Well, like everything else Matt Moulson does, he was terrific.

Matt is always genuine, engaging and funny as hell. He didn't disappoint last night either. Most notably, Matt's interjection of being able to score on Hab Hero Halak in a shoot-out and the occasional corrections he offered his hosts.

This is the first time I've seen The Daily Line, and to be honest, unless there's another guest I want to see, I won't be tuning in. It's painfully obvious that Versus is doing their best to promote their prime sport, but the conversation by this panel seemed uninspired.

Especially questionable in my mind, the piece on being a black hockey fan. There were certainly some things the comedian said that had I said them would have been an engraved invitation for Al Sharpton to be at my front door. I'm just saying.

Well, nice to see an Islander player getting a little face time on TV -- other than MSG Plus Plus 3. I would say they could have used Rob Schremp, but unlike the man from Cornell, Schremp is predictably unpredictable and candid. Not good for a live broadcast unless there's a 5 second delay. Still, he'd be wildly entertaining!

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