Sunday, April 11, 2010

OT Loss to Pens: Isles 5th Seed

Scott Gordon was far more talkative in the post game than he had been any night prior. He spoke for over seven minutes about the past the present and the future. He may have said a lot of the same things to the men in the locker room.

It was an unusual situation tonight. The last game of the season is never easy when there is no post season. But tonight it seemed odd to walk into the locker room and see the entire team sitting in their stalls -- waiting. Bailey with his stitches, Comeau with his foot in a boot and the ones who had been on the ice in various stages of undress.

Matt Moulson scored his team leading 30th goal. "I should have had five more." It's a personal for him, but a disappointment for the team. "It showed a lot of character coming back. We fell a little bit short. It showed a lot of resilience coming back." The Islanders scored three goals in the third period to push the game to OT. "It's unfortunate to end on that note."

This is a man who knows he is without a contract. And while everyone would talk about the team being able to make the playoffs next season, from Kyle Okposo to Scott Gordon, Matt Moulson isn't 100% sure he's part of the plan.

Gordon talked about how Matt was the only one to take his advice to "play every game as if it's your last here" to heart. But on the last day of the regular season, no one has told him he's absolutely in the Islanders plans for next season.

It would seem a shame if he wasn't.

Sean Bergenheim said good-bye to Deb Placey from MSG. His arm was in a sling wrapped tight to his chest, much like Captain Doug Weight's. This could also be the last good-bye for Bergenheim.

There are decisions to be made and while the team showed they have grown together there are those that won't return and those who will be back in Bridgeport.

But on fan appreciation night, the Islanders gave the fans a game they won't forget and a taste for next season. They could have rolled over when it was 5 - 2, but they didn't. Losing in OT to the reigning Stanley Cup champions isn't so bad.

Ending the season as the fifth seed with the potential of grabbing another franchise player to play with John Tavares and Kyle Okposo isn't bad either.

Tuesday they will know exactly where they stand in the draft. Tomorrow -- the boys pack up for the golf course.

It's late for me, but I'll have more during the week regarding Scott Gordon's seven minutes in front of the camera. For now, I'm drained.

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