Saturday, April 24, 2010

Sean Bergenheim: Home Grown Talent

While I await something else that I've written this morning to be proofed, here is the final entry on my interviews from 4/12/10 during Break-Down day. This is the one I had a hard time writing, but being left alone for a few hours this morning, I finally sat down and gave it my full attention.

This is for "My Boy Sean" The kid who always entertained me while sometimes frustrating the life out of me. Who always gave me a smile and a hello and thanked me repeatedly for my support. And lastly, for being the one player who risked the coach's ire to skate over to the glass and wave hello to me at pre-game skate during the "work stoppage" year in Bridgeport. For being the first NHL player to recognize me as part fan, part mother, part writer and appreciating it. For letting me be comfortable enough with him to tell him the truth -- that he seemed to score more often when I was in the bathroom. For him being able to joke about that with me a few games later as he asked me if I had seen that night's goal or if I was indesposed once again. For smiling when he saw me, even with fresh stitches in his upper lip.

For all that -- I thank him.

Hearts & flowers here, actual article at link at Hockeybuzz. :o) Now, it's time for Saturday chores.