Friday, April 23, 2010

Off Topic: What Happens When I Write a Review

So, since I was in Hampton Beach NH last weekend, I wandered by the hotel "suites" that my family and I visited in late August of last year. It was the one I wrote a SCATHING review of on Trip Advisor. I would have had better accomodations in a Polish prison, I'm pretty certain of it.

As it is a beach resort, generally the accomodations there are a little -- um -- run down. However the prices for summer are mostly upscale. So there is a big difference between what you get and what you pay for.

This is how the place I stayed in August looked on Friday. See what happens when you screw with me? They say the pen is mightier than the sword. The internet is a blow-torch.

Okay, so maybe it wasn't just because of my review on TripAdvisor, but it felt good to see.

Ahhhh... Hampton Beach, NH. The only place where I would eat food that comes out of places that look like they are about to fall down such as Blink's. I was so happy that because of the Goo Goo Dolls concert at the Casino, they were open. And this is what you get for $3.25. A deep fried piece of heaven.

Or how about wood-fired brick oven pizza with a ton of garlic from a boardwalk stand that was smart enough to open at 11 pm for all the hungry post concert goers? Their pies were cut in sixths, not eighths. I was going to have just ONE slice, but when I saw how terrific it looked, my husband and I ordered four and walked back to the room at the Ashworth by the Sea. Almost better than Brooklyn's Casa Bella.

Of course there is the magnificent coastline that is beautiful even in really horrid weather. And then there is Markey's Lobster that I would probably make the 5 hour drive for alone.

Sigh. As often as I go is as often as I long to go back. But for now, it is Friday and I am going to be late for work. Too much day dreaming I guess.

Yeah, it's Spring!

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